Baking soda is a beauty product, here's how to use it

Baking soda, used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, is also a beauty product. There are a wide variety of ways in which this chemical compound should be used

Baking soda is widely known as a chemical compound to be dissolved in water and drunk in case of digestive problems. Few people are aware of the other properties of bicarbonate, thanks to which it is also used as one of the beauty products. Just think that baking soda costs very little, and has a thousand uses both in house cleaning operations and in body care. First of all, as one of the beauty products, baking soda can be used as an alternative to shampoo.

It makes the hair stronger and more splendid. In this case it must be diluted with a little water, and when creating a semi-consistent paste, it must be applied to the scalp. Also, baking soda could be used to clean the hairbrush. The brush must be inserted in a basin of water with a teaspoon of baking soda for about twenty minutes. At the end, just rinse and dry. The third use of this chemical compound is to apply it on the skin to clean it. First, however, a paste consisting of water and baking soda (in a 1: 3 proportion) must be produced.

If you no longer want to be tanned or try to make your skin lighter, you need to make the same paste described above and apply it to the skin. Then massage the skin well (in this way the bicarbonate particles will bind to the cells present on the epidermis) and finally rinse with water. Baking soda has been used in Eastern European states as an antibacterial. For this reason it is able to fight unpleasant odors, eliminating the main cause: bacteria. Baking soda is counted among the beauty products also because of the possibility of using it for the nail scrub.

A paste of water and baking soda must be produced (always in proportion 1: 3), take a brush and pass the product on the nails. Then rinse. Even in pedicure, bicarbonate is widely used: you need to mix two spoons of the chemical compound and a liter of water, to then dip your feet in it. And finally, its most useful and perhaps even the most unknown use is to whiten your teeth. Just add a few drops of lemon to the baking soda, dip a fairly wet brush and brush your teeth for about a minute.

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