Balayage: how to choose the right shade

Balayage: how to choose the right shade

It gives volume and depth to the foliage, but is chosen based on your starting color. Here are some suggestions

The balayage – a technique to give volume and brightness to the hair – is very popular among beauty addicts because it allows you to treat yourself to warm sun reflections without having to wait for the summer, and it is much cheaper than a trip to the Maldives. This technique gives the best on natural hair but be careful not to make false steps: the errors are just around the corner.

What is it about? It consists in lightening your natural color by one or two tones, giving very precise shades that can tend to different colors, from hazelnut to caramel, from red to amber. But the nuances that are realized with balayage, although of different intensity, are all of the same color, they are not made with a mix of different colors. Here therefore it becomes important to choose the right shades starting from your basic color.

Balayage for blond hair

It may be difficult to recognize this treatment on blonde hair as it can often be confused with highlights, but if you see a natural effect and some highlights, then it is easy to get stuck in a bayalage. The nuances can be cold like platinum or warm like caramel, sand or honey. It depends on the initial color and the more or less icy effect you want to achieve. Michelle Williams is the queen of balayage for blondes.

Balayage for black or dark hair

The shades can always be very warm and natural if you opt for shades of coffee, chocolate or hazelnut, but with black hair turning towards red, cherry or a violet cold can be a good opportunity to change. Certainly a purple shade however, cannot be said very natural, but since they are only reflections, it will remain harmonious. Keira Knightley is the best example.

Balayage for red hair

If red hair tends to copper, perfection would be to opt for a blond balayage, a warm blond of course. Who instead has a strong red, can opt for an amber shade. Emma Stone and Bryce Dallas Howards are the stars who most enjoy themselves in metamorphosis.

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