Balenciaga's speed trainers: here is the new street style trend

Balenciaga's speed trainers: here is the new street style trend

Balenciaga's speed trainers are a street style trend that is spreading: let's see some ideas of look to copy

Balenciaga speed trainers are a super sports shoe that follows the wave of socks in a sporty version. If you remember, a rampant trend always signed by Balenciaga with a trainers theme was that of the Triple S, which all bloggers and influencers have loved. This model is definitely easier, but it is not suitable for everyone (unfortunately!). Let's see how to wear it.

Balenciaga's speed trainers: in general

The speed trainers are a shoe that has a sort of elastic "sock" that reaches high on the ankle. Unfortunately for those with strong ankles or calves it is not exactly ideal, because it emphasizes this part of the body. Conversely, if you also have muscular and toned thighs, but you are thin from the knee down, these shoes are fine. Obviously we are talking about a sneakers, or rather, a trainers, therefore super sports shoes, which do not adapt to more elegant or formal contexts.

Balenciaga speed trainers: black with a skirt

The black ones are the basic ones. With the skirt they are fine, especially if you midi. If you have beautiful legs, you can also opt for a skirt above the knee. Since they are super sports, they are de-contextualised with something romantic, like a skirt or a ruffled shirt.

Balenciaga speed trainers: black with pants

Tight cigarette pants only if you have thin legs. Alternatively, opt for cropped trousers, which will be soft without wrapping and will leave the shoe visible. I would avoid the palazzo pants: it is true that they are soft, but would fall over the shoe. Plus they have a slightly more elegant taste, which, in my opinion, with this kind of shoes strides a little.

Balenciaga speed trainers: colored

Even colored are an excellent idea, to break a total black look or to add an extra touch to your outfit. My suggestion, in terms of color, is always to not overdo it, so to add only a detail that acts as a focus of attention.

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