Balivo, Belen and the other stars: copy the natural-effect make-up

Balivo, Belen and the other stars: copy the natural-effect make-up

Bare lips, mascara and blush: copy the makeup of the stars

In the range of obsessive-compulsive aspects that every woman suffers from, there are some that concern hair, hands, face. To each his own. If you are a fan of make-up, you will have no problem choosing the right colors for you, those that most bind to your characteristics and, do not neglect it, to your personality.

If you boast a bright complexion like that of the splendid Caterina Balivo, nature has already helped you but it will be your job to keep the beauty of the complexion intact. Have maximum skin care: the epidermis of even a young woman requires a right mix of products. Use tonic and detergent and avoid traditional soaps so as not to alter your pH which varies according to the region you are going to clean. Choose a good day cream, very moisturizing but not greasy having the foresight to change it often. The ideal would be every 5-6 months: you will not stress the epidermis or get used to it too much, also take into account the season: the heat or the cold weather determine some fundamental aspects.

Then establish your strong point with the support of a make-up artist: details that you neglect for issues related to haste and the need to organize your day, are very important. Take for example Belen Rodriguez: her total look is designed to enhance natural colors by highlighting the eyes without loading the mouth by balancing the proportions of the face. Foundation, spoon covers and a veil of face powder are the good basis to start from, without forgetting the eyebrows. If you look at the photographs of the stars, from Belen to Canalis to Satta, the youngest never fail to give more depth to the look by thickening the eyebrows.

No excess even at 30, especially during the day. A fifty version Christina Aguilera, black eyeliner and red lipstick, remove it from your memory. It is a look that makes too much doll studied in the laboratory. To contrast a reference model to this type, think of Sienna Miller. The actress, chosen not by chance as a testimonial by Burberry with her boyfriend Tom Sturridge, is one of the most iconic it-girls ever. Innate class, that cheeky fringe that recalled a Brigitte Bardot of the best times, the English woman has always chosen a refined and elegant make-up by opting for daytime gloss and lipstick in the evening. Remember that a lip gloss well (perhaps with a brush) gives a fresh image. If you are unable to apply the lipstick properly, avoid using it. Better a nude rather than unsightly smudges.

Finally, be pop. And natural. Your flaws are peculiarities that make you unique. Approval, however, is boring.

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