Balivo, divine on Instagram with a blank look. And a detail

Balivo, divine on Instagram with a blank look. And a detail

While spending a few relaxing days on Capri, Caterina Balivo manages to surprise her fans with an unexpected outfit

Caterina Balivo is on vacation in Capri, where she enjoys some well-deserved relaxation pending the start of the new television season. Among the beautiful photos that tell us about his tour of the island immersed in the Gulf of Naples, there is one that left all the fans speechless.

At first glance it would seem like a normal shot, like so many others that we all give ourselves on vacation, to remember the best moments of our trip. La Balivo lays almost at the foot of a long staircase, a few steps from a splendid pier overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, where dozens of boats have sailed off to enjoy a wonderful sunny day. And she wears a beautiful white dress, made of very light fabric and almost almost to the ground, combined with simple slippers of the same color. A typically summer dress, which would have nothing in particular, if it were not for the description given by the presenter herself.

“Happy Sunday guys! Photo stop with a view, after 150 steps and a lot of crap on the ground collected going down! What are you doing on this last Sunday in July? "- Caterina begins on Instagram, where she published this beautiful photo -" Ps: I am wearing the dress worn for my wedding dinner, I love to give a thousand lives to things ". The small "secret" of the Balivo is therefore this: the white dress is the same used on the day she married Guido Maria Brera. And, little coincidence, that June 30, 2014 (civil) wedding took place in Capri!

Fans welcomed this little surprise with enthusiasm, with many compliments on the presenter's beautiful look and on her choice to reuse clothes on several occasions, even the most "important" ones. On the other hand, Balivo's followers are accustomed to its elegance, just browse through its Instagram profile to realize it. And even on vacation he doesn't miss a beat. These days, the presenter is relaxing after her latest efforts. In June he completed a first, very long and satisfying season of Come to me, reconfirmed for next autumn. Soon he will get back to work to guarantee his audience many brand new surprises, but for the moment he is enjoying the family.

In recent weeks, Caterina had also started a social detox journey, declaring her intention to dedicate herself only to her husband and children Guido Alberto and Cora. But she soon returned to Instagram, much to the delight of her fans.

Caterina Balivo in the white dress of her wedding day. Source: Instagram

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