Ballerinas: how to wear the most spring shoes there is

Ballerinas: how to wear the most spring shoes there is

Ballet flats are the classic footwear that cannot be missing in spring: let's see how to combine them

Ballet flats are a shoe that you really can't do without in spring, especially if we love an easy and bon ton style. Here are some ideas to wear them tastefully and easily.

Ballerinas: how to wear the most spring shoes there is

From left to right: Rockstuds ballet flats by Valentino Garavani, pink with Miu Miu rhinestone strap and black with Salvatore Ferragamo bow


  • Ballerinas: metal and with the blazer dress
  • Ballerinas: with rolled-up pants
  • Ballerinas: with sheer stockings (for the chilly)
  • Mary Jane: a separate mention

Ballerinas: metal and with the blazer dress

The blazer dress is a nice spring solution to solve problems: if legs are your strong point, give us a thought! The blazer dress does not require much preparation, because it is enough to dress underneath, with a slip for example, or with a pair of invisible shorts. The dancers have the advantage of playing down the outfit making it more wearable.

silver ballet flats

Ballerinas: with rolled-up pants

For those who love an easier look, the ballerina also finishes with style a pair of casual-cut trousers, perhaps with a rolled hem. These in the photo below are in burgundy velvet and have a double elastic on the instep. The advantage of this model is that it fits the foot better, making it wearable even with socks (see the following points).

ballet flats with rubber bands

Ballerinas: with sheer stockings (for the chilly)

If you are cold and you still don't want to hear about wearing ballet flats barefoot, it will console you to know that you can also wear them with socks. The important thing, however, is that they are not the classic low-cut, but that they have a small buckle or an elastic on the instep so that it does not remain completely naked. In this case, even with tights the effect will be pleasant overall.

Ballet flats and sheer stockings

Mary Jane: a separate mention

Mary Janes deserve a separate paragraph: these shoes have the great advantage of elegantly dressing the foot, allowing us to wear them not only with socks, but even with socks and with skirts and trousers of the most various lengths, making the always fine and elegant look.

mary jane in velvet

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