Balsamic vinegar helps you lose weight. The scientific study

Balsamic vinegar helps you lose weight. The scientific study

Balsamic vinegar can help you lose weight: a recent study shows how this tasty product of the Italian gastronomic tradition has this unexpected ability

Balsamic vinegar is an excellent ally for weight loss: according to a recent study by Japanese researchers from the Central Research Institute in Nakamura. This product, therefore, in addition to its unmistakable taste which makes it one of the Italian excellences, offers other great properties.

According to this research, in fact, balsamic vinegar is not only a condiment suitable for flavoring salads and meat dishes, but it is a real cure-all able to produce beneficial effects on the human body and to prevent numerous ailments and pathologies .

For example, this ″ black gold ″ of the Italian tables, if taken consistently, can reduce the level of blood glucose, thus preventing the onset of diabetes; moreover, there is evidence that this extraordinary product has important antiseptic functions and that it can even combat the formation of the much feared free radicals, thus slowing down the aging process.

If, however, the goal is to lose weight, then the use of balsamic vinegar becomes absolutely advisable. The first reason is its low calorie amount: in fact this product has only 88 calories per 100 grams. Preferring this dressing to other much more energetic substances therefore allows you to keep the daily nutritional balance under control.

In addition, balsamic vinegar can boast the presence of a precious substance called acetic acid. This organic compound activates a series of enzymes in the human body capable of causing the oxidation of fatty acids in the blood: this reaction involves a substantial acceleration of the metabolism and a general improvement in blood pressure.

In short, this correlation between balsamic vinegar and weight loss seems to be excellent news across the board: in addition to having a proven effect, this substance is also tasty and pleasant on the palate. Those who do not appreciate its use in the kitchen, however, can safely take it as if it were a medicine: two tablespoons of vinegar diluted in a liter of water are sufficient to ensure weight loss and well-being.

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