Band or pouch, which method is the best?

Band or pouch, which method is the best?

Baby carriers are now increasingly popular in Italy too: how to understand which type is right for us?

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Band: maximum versatility

The band is nothing more than a rectangular cloth, which can be more or less long and elastic and made in various types of fabric. To wear it just wrap it around your body and that of the child: it is, therefore, an unstructured support, to which we can give various forms depending on the preferred binding technique. For this reason, the band offers maximum versatility: based on how we tie it, in fact, we can use it safely starting from the first few days of life of the newborn up to about three years. Moreover, we will have the possibility to choose whether to carry the baby on the chest, on the back or on the side, depending on our preferences and needs. Finally, the band is ideal for premature babies, who, perfectly wrapped in a warm and welcoming nest, find the protection of the maternal belly.

Yes, but ergonomic pouch!

If the popularity of the band dates back to the last few years, the baby carrier represents a more classic choice but still much loved; in its traditional version, it is a padded panel, equipped with shoulder straps and belt to be secured to the body by means of buckles. Unlike the band, therefore, the baby carrier is a structured support: the possibilities to regulate it and adapt it to the body of the child (and of the wearer), therefore, will be more limited, which is why it is not suitable for children under the age of three months of life.

Recently, the baby carrier has been the subject of a heated debate concerning its safety: the structure of traditional models, in fact, did not guarantee adequate support for the back and neck of the little ones, forcing them to unload the weight on the vertebral column and on the genitals. For this reason, ergonomic baby carriers have been created, the seat of which guarantees a correct posture, allows greater adherence of the baby to the bearer and allows the position to be varied, with results entirely comparable to those of the band.

A matter of practice

But then … better band or pouch? In reality, there is no single answer: the best thing is to base the choice on your personal needs and preferences. If you want a versatile support, with which to transport your baby right away, opt for the headband: after a few attempts, finding the perfect tie for you and the baby and changing it if necessary will become very easy. If, however, the idea of ​​wrapping yourself in long fabrics and knotting them to your body just doesn't entice you, we advise you to focus on the practicality of the ergonomic baby carrier, a decidedly more intuitive support.

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