Baptism list and birth list: here is how to do it

Baptism list and birth list: here is how to do it

Preparing a baptism or birth list allows future parents to organize themselves with gifts. Here's how to do it the right way

There are so many things that can serve when one becomes a parent. For this reason, preparing a baptism or birth list can be very useful for the future mom and dad, because it allows them to organize with gifts, avoiding duplication or gifts that may be useless for the child. These widespread practices in fact allow parents to decide according to their own needs what the unborn child will need, and to propose it discreetly to friends and relatives. Creating a christening or birth list is very simple: just go to the points of sale chosen by those waiting for the child or rely on online shops, ideal for those who live far away.

How to do the baptism and birth list

Generally, prospective parents prefer to prepare a baptism or birth list between the seventh and eighth month. After that, start searching for the store or site where you can share it with loved ones, indicating the address to which to deliver the gift. For baptism, you can choose to create a card to attach to the participation, in which you mark the place, physical or virtual, chosen for the gifts included in the list. If you opt for the online shop, relatives and friends will receive an email containing the invitation to participate and the link to access to purchase gifts for the child, choosing whether to get them directly to their destination or deliver them to them personally.

What to include in the baptism and birth list

Newborns need to be changed frequently, so items like bodysuits, T-shirts and pajamas, tracksuits, slippers, socks and bibs should not be missing from the Baptism and Birth list. Even towels, sheets, covers and diapers are gifts that can be extremely useful for mom and dad. As for the more demanding purchases, suitable for family members or close friends, the "whishlist" can also contain the equipment for the baby, such as a high chair, baby carriage, walker, baby bath, car seat and baby carrier. Among the accessories, there are the evergreens that always make parents happy, such as bottles, pacifiers, nursing pillows, but also music boxes and merry-go-rounds to hang on the cradle.

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