Barbara Berlusconi: photos of the fifth child with grandfather Silvio and grandmother Veronica

Barbara Berlusconi

Barbara Berlusconi shared some very tender photos, which portray little Ettore with his grandparents Silvio and Veronica

Barbara Berlusconi, gorgeous with pink hair: all her looks

Barbara Berlusconi, gorgeous with pink hair: all her looks

Barbara Berlusconi has published photos of the newcomer to the family in the company of her grandparents: the third child of Silvio Berlusconi shared on Instagram some beautiful black and white shots of the little Ettore Quinto, born last November, immortalized while posing in the arms of his grandfather Silvio , to grandmother Veronica Lario, to father Lorenzo Guerrieri and to all the little brothers.

Barbara Berlusconi, the tender shots of Ettore Quinto with his grandparents

A series of very tender shots those published by Barbara Berlusconi: on Instagram the entrepreneur wanted to share black and white photos of Ettore Quinto, the last child born last November, immortalized with his whole family.

The little one, the fruit of the love between Berlusconi and her partner Lorenzo Guerrieri, has brought indescribable happiness to the family: just look at the looks that grandparents Silvio and Veronica turn to their grandson, who in his first months of life, as rightly stressed mom Barbara, is a concentrate of “pure love and joy”.

In the shots the little Ettore Quinto is always the protagonist: first alone, then with his mother and father, then with his grandmother Veronica, who holds him in her arms and has a proud expression, and again with his grandfather Silvio, immortalized while giving a pelvis on the baby’s forehead.

Also very sweet are the photos with his brothers, Alessandro and Edoardo, who he had from his ex-partner Giorgio Valaguzza, and Leone and Francesco Amos, born of love with Lorenzo Guerrieri.

Barbara Berlusconi, the fifth pregnancy and love with Lorenzo

After Alessandro (born in 2007), Edoardo (2009), Leone (2016) and Francesco (2018), Barbara Berlusconi became a mother for the fifth time last November. Very few photos with the baby bump on social media, just as the birth of the baby, who came to light in a private Swiss clinic, was kept out of the spotlight.

Berlusconi’s desire, in reality, was a pink ribbon: “Let’s hope this time it’s female, or I’ll have to call him fifth”, he commented, ironically. Eventually the prophecy came true and the daughter of the former prime minister kept her promise, calling her son Hector Quintus.

Barbara is already mother Alessandro and Edoardo, who had from ex-partner Giorgio Valaguzza, and Leone and Francesco Amos, born from the love with Lorenzo Guerrieri, her current partner, to whom she has been linked since 2013.

Not everyone was fully convinced of their relationship, because the entrepreneur had just returned from the breakup with the Brazilian footballer Alexandre Pato. Yet over time Barbara and Lorenzo have shown that they have a solid bond and a wonderful story, crowned by their three jewels, their splendid children.

Together with them also live the children born of love with Giorgio Valaguzza, her first great love who has been close to her for many years: “The separation was a painful passage for everyone – she admitted -. But both Giorgio and I have always given our best: evidently it was not enough and it had to go like this. We grew up together, I was 16 and he was 22. With the passage of time we have formed, we have changed in character and aspirations. After ten years we have found ourselves more mature, but distant “.

Silvio Berlusconi and Veronica Lario

Silvio Berlusconi and Veronica Lario with little Ettore Quinto

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