Barbara D’Urso against Filippo Nardi after the words on Maria Teresa Ruta

Filippo Nardi

Barbara D'Urso criticizes Filippo Nardi's behavior after the words about Maria Teresa Ruta and talks about their relationship

Barbara D’Urso criticizes Filippo Nardi after the words on Maria Teresa Ruta. The presenter and the former gieffino had a confrontation during the last episode of Sunday Live. After being excluded from the GF Vip because of the vulgar phrases about the presenter, Nardi was a guest on the D'Urso show. The DJ apologized for what he said, even if he tried once again to justify himself.

“I apologize for my vulgarity and my humor – he said -, even if I think it is a subjective thing. But I've never said a word to offend or hurt. There was a crescendo of student spirit. I may have brought the barracks in the early evening. But misogynist, violent, sexist no. Did we target Maria Theresa? She gave it to us on a silver platter. There was no bullying. If I had seen that my roommates were offended I would have apologized. And if the network, made up of people who do not put their face in it, wants to inflate history by threatening my son with death, for me it is much worse. My son – he added – said that he had a laugh with his companions, but he himself had told me to be careful with my sense of humor. It may be terrible, but I'm sorry that someone associates my name with violence and sexism. Worse things have been said in that house ”.

Guenda Goria, daughter of Maria Teresa Ruta, who had a face to face with Filippo Nardi also intervened on the matter. "I suffered for those things you said about mom, a lot – he revealed -. I was terrible. And as a woman I got pissed off, I don't want to hear this language about women anymore. I also say another thing that is partly in your defense. No one in the House was indignant at those phrases, neither men nor women ”. Barbara D’Urso did not remain silent, but wanted to have her say. The presenter claimed to have attended Nardi for a period. Today that attendance has stopped. “Removing what you read on the Internet – he said -, what you did to the GF is neither sexism nor violence. You were truly hideous, which does not mean being violent. I dated you because we were friends for a while and we dated. You've also been to my house, now we don't talk anymore. Hearing the things you said I said to myself “This is not the Philip I know”.

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