Barbara D’Urso, Alberto Mezzetti full of debts: "One million euros"

Barbara D’Urso, Alberto Mezzetti full of debts: "One million euros"

Alberto Mezzetti, ex gieffino, reveals his financial problems, revealing that he has accumulated a huge debt.

Debts for a million euros and a situation that is anything but rosy: Alberto Mezzetti, ex gieffino of Barbara D’Urso, talks about his economic difficulties.

Despite the victory in the Canale Cinque show, the Tarzan of Viterbo continues to deal with a financial situation that is anything but rosy. Over the years, Alberto's family has gone through difficult times. His mother in fact has accumulated a debt of one million euros due to personal expenses, unpaid bills to suppliers, failure to collect credits and even a scam suffered by an accountant.

Much of the prize that Mezzetti won thanks to the victory at Big Brother was used to heal debts, but there is still a lot of money to be paid.

"The financial problems are always in my head – he revealed to the weekly DiPiù -. At the moment, I have to pay 500 thousand euros, almost a billion lire. Negotiations with banks and creditors continue, my mother's pension has been partially foreclosed, most of my earnings are used to remedy the situation. The road is still long – Alberto confessed – but we will leave it ”.

Mezzetti recalled the most difficult moment of his life when, after making a check, he discovered that his family had accumulated a huge debt: "For two whole days I checked all my mother's accounts – he recalled – and what came outside it was a devastating situation: my mother had accumulated an immense debt between personal expenses, unpaid bills to suppliers, creditors who had not honored the commitments and also a fraud suffered by an accountant. An astronomical figure: one million euros ”.

After the success in Italy thanks to the GF, Mezzetti flew to Brazil. Today his career in South America is on the rise, while in our country he has disappeared from the small screen. After discussing because of an alleged laison with Barbara D’Urso, Alberto no longer appeared on TV.

Alberto Mezzetti – Source: Facebook

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