Barbara D’Urso and Federica Panicucci, when their programs end

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Barbara D'Urso and Federica Panicucci are ready to go on vacation: when their programs end

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When will Live – Not the D’Urso and Mattino Cinque end? After the stop of the last few weeks, Mediaset is preparing to reorganize the television schedule extending the broadcast of some programs. Barbara D’Urso and Federica Panicucci, in particular, will keep us company for some time.

In some Instagram Stories, D’Urso has revealed that the evening show, broadcast every Sunday, will end on May 24th. "It closes sooner – he announced to the fans -, I know for sure that Live – It is not the d’Urso it closes between two episodes". Although Mediaset had initially spoken of June 14th. It seems confirmed, however, that Afternoon Five will be paused from 29 May.

Mattino Cinque instead will continue to air for a month. The closing date is in fact scheduled for June 26, but Federica Panicucci will leave the talk in two weeks, leaving the conduction to Francesco Vecchi, as had happened during the health emergency. Publitalia, the advertising company of the Mediaset Group, has also confirmed the arrival of Temptation Island. The company's commercial policy document mentions the return of Maria De Filippi's reality show in June, with a location on Thursday evening.

For now, the start date of Temptation Island has not yet been revealed. The knot to be solved is above all the one linked to the dynamics of the reality show, with tempters and boyfriends who will necessarily have close contacts. "We are talking about it in these days to carry on with the cast – De Filippi had revealed -: we choose to prepare instead of waiting without being able to do anything".

“Physical contact is not necessarily essential – added the presenter -: what makes boyfriends and girlfriends angrier is not so much the massage on the back, but the confidence with the suitors and suitors, telling your emotions and yours life after a minute. Jealousy always arises from this, also because, once the initial passion is overcome, only the feelings remain. We are trying to work on this. "

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