Barbara D’Urso and Tommaso Zorzi, digs and tensions

Frecciatine and jokes: according to some indiscretions between Tommaso Zorzi and Barbara D'Urso, tensions would have arisen

Frecciatine and long-distance tension between Tommaso Zorzi and Barbara D’Urso. A few days ago the host of Domenica Live hosted Akash Kumar. The model and former protagonist of the Isola dei Famosi ended up at the center of heated controversy, even arguing with Alex Belli. When someone tried to mention Zorzi because of her quarrels with Akash, the presenter avoided mentioning his name.

A detail that has not gone unnoticed not only by viewers, but also by Tommaso Zorzi. The commentator of the Island of the Famous 2021 in fact launched a dig at D’Urso during his broadcast Punto Z, a spin-off of the reality show. "When Akash was about to mention my name, she said she didn't know anything about it and didn't want to be told anything at all – explained the former GF Vip winner -. Barbara, know that instead I will always name you because you are a professional, I respect you, I don't believe in these bad languages ​​that belong only to trash programs and not to you ". Just before announcing Akash Kumar's presence in the studio, Zorzi added: "So, starting from Barbara d’Urso, I would like to introduce you to my new guest. He should have told all his truth next Sunday to Sunday Live and instead we took him first. It's about Pedro Pablo Akash Kumar ”.

A few days ago Tommaso had already talked about Barbara D’Urso on his show. In fact, the influencer had hosted Sonia Bruganelli, wife of Paolo Bonolis, and had asked her a question about the excellent ratings obtained by Avanti another, broadcast on Sunday evening. "How much did Paolo Bonolis enjoy when he learned that his ratings beat Barbara d'Urso's?", Zorzi asked and the entrepreneur replied: "And the second question? … Joking aside, are we happy with the ratings so high on Sunday that it hasn't been going well for so long. It is not a personal war, it is the pleasure of doing well ”.

In the past, there was talk of possible tensions between the two Mediaset faces, but both had not denied or confirmed. The gesture of D'Urso and the words of Tommaso Zorzi now seem to confirm that something has happened.

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