Barbara D’Urso does not return with Live, postpones the broadcast

Barbara D’Urso does not return with Live, postpones the broadcast

Change of schedule for Mediaset: the living room of "Live – Non è la D'Urso" will not return, as expected, on Sunday 10 January

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Change of schedule for Canale 5, which will postpone the broadcast of Live – It's not D'Urso: the presenter should have returned after the Christmas holidays with her Sunday evening show, from 10 January, and then from 11 resume the daily appointment with Afternoon Five.

However, the news came from the official Mediaset Twitter account that Live – Non è la D’Urso will not open on Sunday evening as scheduled to make room for an appointment dedicated to Pope Francis and the interview conducted by journalist Fabio Marchese Ragona.

After the special, the film Chiamatemi Francesco, the Pope of the people, will be broadcast, followed by a special commentary edited by Tg5, on the words of the Pope, conducted by Cesara Buonamici with guests and experts in the studio.

In the meantime, the competition on Sunday is becoming more and more ruthless: in fact, on Sunday evening, Rai will focus on the fictional Goddess of help and on the usual appointment with Che tempo che fa, hosted by Fabio Fazio, which will host Maria on the evening of 10 January. De Filippi. The well-known presenter, in addition to being engaged in conducting Amici, will also return with the beloved program C'è Posta per Te, now in its twenty-fourth edition.

The interview with the Pope, in a world exclusive, will therefore replace the D'Urso program, which will be broadcast from January 17. The presenter had greeted the public at the end of December, with a touching episode that had seen Gessica Notaro as a guest with her mother Gabriella.

"I thank all my guests – he said during the last appointment of 2020 – and I thank you who follow me every Sunday and follow us until half past one in the night, with great affection. It's your credit if another lucky season of Live ends – it's not D’Urso, it's your credit if another season begins, hopefully lucky ".

The living room of Barbara D’Urso, as always, will return to talk about disparate topics, including current affairs and gossip, touching on all the issues of the moment for her loyal television audience. The viewers, however, will not be disappointed: no changes for Domenica Live, which will restart with the weekly appointment on January 10, as well as for Afternoon Five, which will return on January 11.

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