"Barbara D’Urso has a secret boyfriend", speaks a friend

"Barbara D’Urso has a secret boyfriend", speaks a friend

Roberto Alessi reveals the mystery about the host's private life: "Barbara D'Urso has a secret boyfriend".

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"Barbara D’Urso has a secret boyfriend". This was stated by Roberto Alessi, a well-known journalist and friend of the presenter, often a guest of her television broadcasts. Interviewed by Libero Quotidiano, Alessi said that D'Urso would have a secret love. The presenter would be linked to a mysterious man that no one has ever known.

“I have only one gripe with her – he revealed -: I can't peck at her with her secret love. I am sure there is, but it escapes ". It is not the first time that we talk about the love life of the presenter and the existence of a very secret love. Some time ago it was Alfonso Signorini, a gossip expert and friend of D’Urso, who talked about it. Guest of CR4 the republic of women, some time ago Piero Chiambretti had talked about the private life of the presenter. "It certainly has its own appeal to young people of a certain age – he explained -. On the contrary, she does not disdain, she herself says that she likes younger boys ". Words to which Chiambretti replied: “But she says she has been alone for years…”. Triggering the immediate reply of Signorini who had explained: "That is an old story, but what does it have to do with it […] No, but go there, she too will find her tricks".

Loved by her audience and on TV with numerous broadcasts, from Afternoon Five to Sunday Live, up to Live – It is not the D’Urso, Barbara has always been very jealous of her private life. The presenter has never spoken publicly about her loves. The largest, which belongs to the past, is that for Mauro Berardi, the film producer with whom he had his sons Giammauro and Emanuele. The two boys grew up far from the spotlight, protected by D’Urso, and followed different paths than those of the entertainment world. Giammauro has become a surgeon, while Emanuele is a photographer and travels the world.

"The ranking of values ​​in life for me is: children in first place, family and friendship in second place, which comes before any boyfriend – he recently confessed to the weekly Oggi -. At this moment there is no one who makes my heart beat, but I would like to. And it is a moment where I have a "very bag" of suitors. I think I'll make a decision soon ”.

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