Barbara D’Urso insulted for Nadia Toffa, she replies on Instagram

Barbara D'Urso responds to the haters who insulted her on Instagram after the death of Nadia Toffa

Barbara D’Urso confesses for the first time on Instagram, answering the questions of her followers.

The host, after a long summer of fun, is ready to go back on TV with many new programs. This year it will be broadcast almost all week with four shows: Big Brother, Sunday Live, Afternoon Five and Live – It is not the D'Urso.

It starts again on September 9th with the afternoon container, then it will be the turn of the Sunday program and the evening one on September 15th. Barbara is ready for the challenge and is more determined than ever to bring home great successes once again. In the meantime, enjoy the latest days of vacation, having fun on Instagram with fans.

The Neapolitan host did not hold back and answered the most uncomfortable questions of her followers. The most interesting ones concern her private life of which Barbara is very jealous. The presenter has two sons, Giammauro and Emanuele Berardi, born of love for a famous producer to whom she has been linked for several years. His life has been marked by great loves and passions, but for some time D’Urso has been single.

Nevertheless he would like to fall in love. "Yes, I want to fall in love," he revealed to those who asked her if she was okay by herself. Then someone asked her if at 62 she could have another child. "I love children – he replied with great sincerity -, but we must dedicate everything to them and at this stage of my life I could not … and, then, one cannot conceive a child alone!".

The presenter often ended up at the center of heated controversy. The last one concerns the funeral of Nadia Toffa who did not show up and the decision to publish photos and videos on Instagram after the journalist of the hyenas, her friend, had died. In the days following Nadia's disappearance, the D'Urso Instagram profile was invaded by cruel insults and criticisms.

She never answered, but many people wonder how she manages emotionally the badness that the haters often reserve for her. "I let them slip on me and send positive thoughts – it was Barbara's answer -. The insult is not peaceful, so I wish him happiness ".

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