Barbara D’Urso is ready to return: the start date of Afternoon 5 has been revealed

Barbara D'Urso

Unveiled the start date of "Afternoon Five", the only survivor among Barbara D'Urso's programs in this new television season

Now it's official: Barbara D'Urso will be back on TV with Afternoon Five starting from Monday 6 September 2021. The start time of the Canale 5 container has not been confirmed, but the changes announced on the occasion of the presentation of the Mediaset autumn schedule they suggest that it will be postponed compared to previous editions.

For Carmelita there is an air of change and after all her future working has remained in the balance for a few weeks. Despite the great commitment shown during the Covid emergency, the network has decided to downsize its presence on the small screen, in order to put aside the gossip, leaving more space for information. D'Urso has definitively lost Domenica Live and Live – It is not D'Urso, which at least for this new season will not be repeated, replaced by the new Sunday appointment of Verissimo with Silvia Toffanin and Scene From Un Matrimonio, Davide's historic program Mengacci which this time will be led by Anna Tatangelo.

Afternoon Cinque, on the other hand, continues its run but in a reduced version devoted to news and actual journalism. Few guests and insights into current events, without the curtains that featured characters from reality TV, gossip and a slightly "trashy" universe. In short, the idea of ​​the network is an afternoon container that is in effect similar to Alberto Matano's La Vita in Diretta.

It was Pier Silvio Berlusconi himself who announced these changes during the presentation of Mediaset's autumn schedules, spending words of profound esteem and admiration for Barbara D’Urso: "She did a great job. During the months of lockdown and during the health emergency I appreciated the work done by Barbara very, very much. (…) She is a very good professional and remains in our team. Afternoon 5 will be oriented towards current affairs. (…) Beyond Afternoon 5, as soon as there is a project that we like and that she likes, it is certain that it will return to do a prime time of entertainment on Canale 5 ".

And in fact the rumors about the possible return of D'Urso to reality are becoming more and more insistent. Mediaset has acquired the rights of La Talpa and there are rumors that it could end up in the hands of Carmelita. We just have to wait for new developments.

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