Barbara D’Urso, Karina Cascella reveals why she is no longer a guest on her shows

Barbara D’Urso, Karina Cascella svela perché non è più ospite dei suoi show

The absence of Karina Cascella at Live – It is not the D'Urso has not gone unnoticed: she herself has revealed the reasons for this choice

For years, Barbara D’Urso's faithful travel companion, in recent weeks Karina Cascella seems to have disappeared from TV. What happened to Live's columnist – Isn't it D’Urso? It was she who revealed the mystery, answering questions from her fans on Instagram.

Karina Cascella is a permanent presence in Barbara D'Urso's broadcasts, starting from the long-lived Domenica Live: for several years now, the columnist has been sitting in the studio to have her say on the many gossip topics that are dealt with from time to time. cameras. And since the presenter doubled her television engagement with Live – It's not D’Urso, Cascella has certainly not backed down. But for a few weeks now there has been no trace of her. Why did you leave Barbara's shows?

Many were wondering, assuming a break between Karina and D’Urso. So the columnist decided to take action on Instagram, to dispel all doubts. "How come you never see me again at Barbara D’Urso? The truth is that since the emergency situation broke out I have warned all of them that I would stay at home to protect my and my family's health "- explained Cascella in an Instagram video -" There would be too many contacts and the risk of contracting the highest disease. So I never went. "

The columnist preferred to stay at home so as not to endanger the safety of himself and especially his little girl, little Ginevra, born in 2010 from her relationship with the former tronista Salvatore Angelucci. But she has certainly not left her many followers dry: she continues to be very active on social networks, and has already revealed that she is ready to get back on track as soon as possible. "When all this is over and Barbara and Ivan Roncalli will need me, I will be there" – concluded Karina.

Of course, now this season of Live – It's not the D’Urso has almost come to an end, so we probably won't see the Cascella again in the coming weeks. But Barbara has already announced that she is working on a new season full of big surprises. To the detriment of rumors that they would have liked to downsize the presenter in the Mediaset schedule in favor of Alfonso Signorini, D’Urso will be back in better shape than ever in September. If there are no last-minute changes, September 7 should start again with Afternoon 5, while Sunday 13 will be the turn of Sunday Live and Live – It is not the D’Urso. Still nothing, however, as far as Big Brother Nip is concerned.

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