Barbara D’Urso, Mediaset confirms its plans

Barbara D’Urso, Mediaset confirms its plans

To definitively clarify the situation, a tweet from the Biscione press office took care of it

Barbara D’Urso returns in September with her plans. The Mediaset press office thought about it yesterday, through a tweet from the official account. "Barbara D’Urso will start with Afternoon 5 on September 7th, with Live – It is not D’Urso and Sunday Live on September 13th. So, to clarify ”: these are the words of the post published on the Twitter profile of Biscione.

The statement just reported was seen by many as a dry response to the indiscretion launched in recent days by Dagospia who, from the columns of the column A Lume di Candela, had spoken of a "war for 70 minutes" between the Neapolitan presenter and Alfonso Signorini who, returning from the success at the helm of Big Brother Vip 4, had been indicated not only as the host of the next edition (among which competitors there will be Flavia Vento), but also as the conductor of Big Brother Nip and an indefinite television space Sunday.

Following these rumors, Signorini replied with a denial, while Barbara D’Urso, interviewed by Corriere della Sera, confirmed her presence at the helm of four programs. The tweet published on the Qui_Mediaset account, the space of the Biscione press office on the Twitter social network, silences any gossip related to the role of the 63-year-old Neapolitan presenter, whose broadcasts have long been a cornerstone of the Channel 5 proposal.

For her part, she reiterated the position of the company by proposing, through her highly followed Instagram Stories, several articles dedicated to Mediaset's confirmation of its three flagship programs. As for the commitments that await him immediately, it is appropriate to mention the appointment with the last episode of Live – It is not the D’Urso, scheduled for the evening of Sunday 21 June.

The space on Sunday evening of Barbara D’Urso, which was supposed to close its doors for this season on May 24th, thanks to the excellent ratings, has been extended for almost the entire first summer month.

The host from Campania announced the thing on Instagram and, as already mentioned, on the occasion of the confirmation of her three main programs for the next year she has 'celebrated' again on social media, approaching in the best way the end of a season that the has seen, once again, win the affection of the public with its formats.

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