Barbara D’Urso, new sighting with Zangrillo: what is between them

Barbara D’Urso, new sighting with Zangrillo: what is between them

The presenter has been spotted several times alongside the insurer and there are those who swear that a story was born between the two

The rumors that link the name of Barbara D’Urso to that of Francesco Zangrillo do not stop. Today is the exclusive publication of the photos of the presenter spotted in the night next to the insurer. Now many are wondering what is there between them, considering the discretion with which Barbara has always treated her private life.

After a well-deserved summer break from work, Barbara never ceases to attract the attention of the paparazzi to herself, who are now trying to understand something more about her affairs of the heart. Waiting to find out what will be decided by Mediaset for the schedule of the new television season, Domenica Live and Live – Non è la D'Urso have closed the broadcasts with excellent share results and Barbara seems to have made a promise to her audience: that of come back on TV very soon. The hypothesis could also be that of a new program, or in any case of a downsizing of its broadcasts: it is difficult to think of today's television without it.

The joys for Barbara are above all in private life, only a few months ago she became aunt of little Sofia, her sister's daughter, now summer gives space to gossip and in recent months it seems that D'urso has been pinched several times in company of Francesco Zangrillo, a name not entirely new to the gossip news: he had in fact been talked about with regard to the flowers sent to Elisabetta Gregoraci, news soon denied by the person concerned. Is it a friendship or is there something more?

Although it is not known what exactly there is between the two, there is a small detail that suggests that there is really something between them: in the past, Barbara has always promptly denied and sent back alleged flirtations or acquaintances to the sender, without leaving space and time to build "castles in the air" on her and hypothetical new boyfriends. This time, however, the official denial has not yet arrived and in the meantime Today he publishes some photographs where the presenter is seen in splendid shape, complete with high heels and a miniskirt, alongside Zangrillo. The sightings then continue: has it really come time for a new love for Barbara? There are those who swear that the spark has already struck between the two.

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