Barbara D’Urso, on Instagram the touching memory of Pietro Taricone

Pietro Taricone

Barbara d'Urso publishes a photo on Instagram that portrays her with her late friend Pietro Taricone

The Sunday Live presenter posted a photo on the social Instagram to remember her friend Pietro Taricone, who died on June 29, 2010 following a dramatic accident while the actor and former competitor of Big Brother was dedicated to his great passion, parachuting .

The photo shows them together on stage, she in a white suit, he in total black, smiling and close-knit, and Barbara d'Urso accompanies her with a sweet and melancholy caption: "Memories … Pietro ..", adding her notes hashtag #nelcuore and #colcuore.

Pietro Taricone has remained in the hearts of many, fans of Big Brother or not. His brightness and his always contagious smile have allowed him to break through the hearts of many people who have accompanied him in the acting career he has successfully undertaken after participating in the reality show. Among these the companion Kasia Smutniak certainly stands out, with whom Pietro had a daughter, Sophie.

Kasia, despite being a very strong woman, suffered a lot from the sudden death of her partner and always remembers him with pride, as in the post she published remembering him 10 years after his death. Today Smutniak is finally happy with Domenico Procacci, a well-known producer with whom she married in great secret in 2019, and with whom she had the second child, Leone.

The affection of Pietro Taricone's fans for Barbara's post, therefore, was not long in coming. The young man had been one of the competitors of the first edition of Big Brother, by far one of the most loved and followed, as is clear from the comments on social media: 'He will remain the real big brother!', Writes a user, 'Truly a Big, he made the story of Big Brother… .RIP ', comments another.

The relationship between Taricone and d’Urso deepened even more in 2007, when Pietro participated as a columnist in the transmission conducted by d’Urso Un due tre stable, a reality show set in a real farm in Lazio.

The friendship that bound her to the actor also led the presenter to dedicate an episode to him at the beginning of 2020, 10 years after his death, inviting the ex-girlfriend and ex gieffina Cristina Plevani to the studio, who was so moved by the I remember Pietro leaving the studio almost in tears.

Barbara D'Urso and Taricone

Barbara D’Urso and Pietro Taricone. Source: Instagram

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