Barbara D’Urso on the Island of the Famous? “You said no”: the indiscretion

Barbara D'Urso on the Island of the Famous?  "You said no": the indiscretion

There has long been talk of Barbara D’Urso’s professional crisis, but there seem to be news in the future of the presenter

Over the last few months, Barbara D’Urso’s television presence has been significantly downsized. But according to some rumors, the Mediaset leaders have already changed their minds, proposing none other than the management of the Island of the Famous 2022. However, it seems that you have decided to give up, perhaps because there is already some other important project in your future.

Barbara D’Urso says no to the Island of the Famous 2022

Let’s go in order. After the closure of Live – Non è la D’Urso and Domenica Live, the presenter was left with only her daily show Afternoon Cinque (which also underwent a significant downsizing in the topics covered). The decision, which came from Piersilvio Berlusconi, had as its motivation a change in the editorial line of Canale 5. Yet, after less than a few weeks, the turnaround would arrive: according to what was revealed by the weekly Nuovo TV, the broadcaster would have thought of proposing to Barbara D ‘ Urso one of the most loved shows of the public.

This is the Island of the Famous 2022, which should return next spring – immediately after the end of the GF Vip, which has been extended until March 14. The reality show, whose last edition was entrusted to the talented Ilary Blasi, would therefore see a handover: perhaps Mediaset sensed the possibility that D’Urso would fly to other shores (someone spoke of an offer from Sky) , so he would have decided to play an important card in order not to lose it.

Apparently, however, it would be Barbarella herself who rejected the proposal. According to what was revealed by the gossip expert Alessandro Rosica, the presenter would have said no to the Island of the Famous 2022, thus dismantling the rumors that wanted her in place of Blasi in the bud. The reason? It seems that D’Urso already has some other work project in the pipeline, and therefore could not have dedicated the right time to the reality show.

Barbara D’Urso is back in style

So next season will we see you more fierce than ever, driving some new transmission? At the moment they are just indiscretions, and curiosity is growing more and more. There are rumors that there may be a return of Live – It is not D’Urso, one of Barbara’s beloved “creatures”. Or maybe even something new, a prime time show that allows her to relive the heyday of Big Brother.

On the occasion of the presentation of the schedules a few months ago, the presenter had declared: “I spoke at length with Piersilvio Berlusconi. […] He told me: ‘I need you to bring out two of the hundred souls you have, one for information and one for pure entertainment’. So an early evening of entertainment is in progress and, from 6 September, the daily information of Afternoon Five will start again “. The latter has been back on the air for weeks, but the prime time has not been talked about so far. Maybe it’s time to uncover the cards?

Recently, his name was added to the new edition of La Talpa: the program, absent from the small screen for a long time, should return next year. And the management could see Barbara D’Urso. According to many, this would be the commitment that would make it impossible for her to dedicate herself to the Island of the Famous too – and that would bring her back to prime time after months of being away.

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