Barbara D’Urso publishes a selfie without makeup and jokes about her love life

Barbara D’Urso publishes a selfie without makeup and jokes about her love life

D'Urso on vacation is more and more beautiful and speaks with irony of her love life

Barbara D’Urso in costume on Instagram: she is a blast

Barbara D’Urso is experiencing a special summer. After a busy season, which saw her actively leading various programs, the Campania presenter is relaxing on vacation. Between sports in the morning, moments in the garden and hilarious videos with her children's friends, she never fails to tell her followers, who follow her with great affection, the details of her days.

In the social content of the 'hostess' of Live and Afternoon Cinque, irony is never lacking. To demonstrate this, it is possible to cite a shot that sees the Sunday lady of Canale 5 ready to go to bed.

Barbara D’Urso is gorgeous without makeup and next to her has a soft toy, the protagonist of the post caption.

Goodnight from me and my boyfriend 🐶😜 # rideresempre # colcuore❤️

These are the words chosen by the 63-year-old presenter to accompany one of the many and beautiful selfies that she publishes on her Instagram profile, where more than 2 million people follow her. Barbara D’Urso is not only a charming woman and a great professional, but also a person capable of putting a delicious sense of humor in the foreground, talking lightly about her love life.

Very little is known about the officer. The presenter, who in the past was married to the dancer Michele Carfora, has been officially single for several years (in recent months she has denied the rumors of flirting with Alberto Mezzetti and Filippo Nardi).

In addition to Carfora, in the life of Barbara, who dreams of great love, there was another important man: Mauro Berardi, producer and father of his sons Emanuele and Gianmauro. At the end of May, the presenter published a vintage photo that shows them together and happy. Barbara wears a nice T-shirt and is radiant with the baby bump of her second son Emanuele, born in 1988 and now an established director.

More than three decades have passed since then and the presenter has not lost the beautiful smile she wore as a young mother in the late 1980s. Today she is a woman who has faced the passing of time in the best possible way and who, as mentioned earlier, has the wonderful gift of knowing how to look at life with joy and a sense of humor.

Barbara D'Urso

Barbara D’Urso – Source: Instagram @barbaracarmelitadurso

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