Barbara D’Urso, the beautiful photo of her sister with the big belly: "I'm about to become aunt"

Barbara D’Urso, the beautiful photo of her sister with the big belly: "I'm about to become aunt"

Little Sofia is about to be born: Barbara D'Urso, future aunt, has published a beautiful photo of her sister

Excited, Barbara D’Urso prepares for a very important task: she will soon become the aunt of little Sofia. Her sister Eleonora is about to give birth and the presenter has decided to share a very tender photo of her baby bump on Instagram.

Eleonora D’Urso has now reached the last weeks of her pregnancy and has decided to treat herself to a beautiful photo shoot that will always remind her of these magical moments. On her Instagram profile she then published the sweet shots with the baby bump: “It is not an optimal time to give birth, and Sofia will have as her first image that of a world infested with masks. It will be up to me to tell her about mouths that know how to laugh and smile and about people who, despite everything, never stop fighting! " – this is her thought, a little worried, for her little daughter who is about to be born.

His sister, Barbara D’Urso, chose one of the most beautiful photos to share with her many fans, in one of the rare moments in which she enters her private life. "I'm almost aunt … I love you" – she wrote simply, preferring that the images speak. Eleonora, among the comments, replied: “Thanks super sister. You'll be a great aunt ”. Their relationship is beautiful, and the arrival of the little girl has united the two sisters even more.

D'Urso had already revealed Eleonora's pregnancy, who is expecting the birth of her first daughter a few weeks after having blown out 45 candles. Only later did we discover that it was a girl: the name chosen by the parents is Sofia – as the future mother had to write on her belly for one of the beautiful photos of the shooting. The emotion is great, and we are sure that Barbara will make an exception to the rule – with respect to the usual silence concerning everything that happens in her private life – to announce the birth of her granddaughter.

Eleonora D’Urso is 18 years younger than the presenter, and they are both daughters of Rodolfo. Barbara herself, in one of the few interviews in which she mentioned a few more details about her family, had revealed that she has 5 siblings: she, Daniela and Alessandro were born from their father's marriage to Vera. When the latter died, he remarried and had two other children, including Eleonora.

barbara d'urso

Barbara D’Urso's post – Photo: Instagram

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