Barbara D’Urso: the last touching greeting to his longtime friend Stefano D’Orazio

Barbara D’Urso: the last touching greeting to his longtime friend Stefano D’Orazio

The presenter shared her last farewell to her brotherly friend Stefano D'Orazio, posting a photo with him

Barbara D’Urso wanted to give the last, touching greeting to Stefano D’Orazio, historical drummer of the Poohs and his great friend. The presenter recalled the fraternal friend with a shot on Instagram, which portrays them as young, smiling and carefree.

“My final farewell to you. So forever ", wrote D’Urso, adding the hashtag #amicifratelli. Barbara then published photos of the time also in the stories, accompanying them with the words "I can't help but think about it", with a broken heart. The death of Stefano D'Orazio was a severe blow, not only for his family, but also for the closest loved ones, such as the famous presenter.

A deep, strong and sincere bond, which Barbara D'Urso had also manifested in another post on social media: the presenter had published a selfie with D'Orazio and his wife Tiziana, accompanying him with words of pain: "I was for you ' Ursus' and you for me 'Horace'. You watched my children grow up. Christmases and Christmases passed together and beyond. You were the first to run in Naples a moment after my dad left me. You wanted me as your best man when you married Titti who loves you so much and now how will we do it? How? Desperate. Point".

Stefano D'Orazio's wedding with Tiziana Giardoni, to whom she had been linked for twelve years, was filmed in 2017 by the cameras of the Afternoon Five: D’Urso, in fact, had also been the couple's wedding witness.

On Sunday Live the presenter, tried and moved, was unable to hold back her tears, while remembering her friend together with Riccardo Fogli: "In this cursed moment you cannot enter the hospital, you cannot stay close to the sick, you cannot they can almost have news. Stefano was alone for a week, "said D’Urso.

And then he added: "Friday evening Tiziana gave us hope, it seemed that Stefano was a little better, then he didn't make it. Titti told me: 'He left without being able to caress me'. It's terrible. Stefano was the sunniest person, he was always with friends and died alone ”.

Barbara D'Urso

Barbara D’Urso and Stefano D’Orazio. Source: Instagram

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