Barbara D’Urso, the new face: love for children and the many suitors

Barbara D’Urso, the new face: love for children and the many suitors

Barbara D'Urso lets herself go to a particular confession, and reveals that she has many suitors

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It is another season full of successes, the one that Barbara D’Urso is experiencing: very busy with Afternoon 5 and two Sunday broadcasts, the presenter now seems to spend her days away from home, dividing herself between her many appointments. But he never misses out on quality time for his family.

In a long interview with the weekly Oggi, D’Urso told herself in the round, even revealing some unpublished details about her. An interview without filters, where she decided to concentrate all of herself in a few letters, those of the alphabet. And it starts right from the A of love: "The ranking of the values ​​of my life for me is: children in first place, family and friendship in second place, which comes before any boyfriend".

Madly in love with Gianmauro and Emanuele, her two splendid children born from a long relationship with Mauro Berardi, the presenter has always preferred to protect them from the spotlights, however letting the very strong feeling she feels for them occasionally escape. When he talks about family, on the other hand, it is easy to understand that he means much more than her two boys: Barbara D'Urso is also deeply tied to her brothers, and in the last few days she celebrated the arrival of her niece Sofia, the eldest daughter of her sister. Eleonora.

As for her love life, Barbara finally revealed something more: "At the moment there is no one who makes my heart beat, but I would like to. And it is a moment where I have a 'lot' of suitors. I think I'll make a decision soon ”. Over the years, many flirts have been attributed to her – some have found confirmation, many others fall fully into the category of indiscretions. Now the curiosity is sky high: who will be the lucky one who will be able to breach the heart of the D’Urso?

During the interview, the presenter indulged in some news about her career. “I got a crazy script” – he confessed – “I really want to go back to acting”. A year ago, Barbara returned to television with a new season of La Dottoressa Giò, is there any other surprises in sight for her fans? Finally, there are some funny anecdotes, such as the one about Pippo Baudo: "This is a scoop, I saw Pippo in his underwear … Once I went into his dressing room to talk about work and the seamstresses were dressing him".

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