Barbara D’Urso very young with her children on Instagram: "The only true love"

Barbara D’Urso very young with her children on Instagram: "The only true love"

The presenter posts a sweet old photo on Instagram that portrays her with her children, still small

Who is Mauro Berardi, Barbara D’Urso's great love

Barbara D’Urso has posted on Instagram a new photo that portrays her at a very young age with her two sons, Giammauro and Emanuele, her 'only true love', as the caption says.

The protagonist of the shot is a very smiling D’Urso in total red, with a red turtleneck sweater and a bow of the same color to tie her hair while holding her younger son Emanuele and hugging her eldest son Giammauro.

To complete the photograph, a sweet and moving phrase, a real declaration of maternal love: "The only true love. Point! ", Followed by the hashtags #gliamoridellamiavita, #nostalgia and the inevitable #colcuore.

Barbara D’Urso does not usually publish photos on social media with her children, had by her ex-husband Mauro Berardi, who have in fact declared several times that they want to stay away from the spotlight. Precisely for this exclusivity, the photo was a great success among fans who left thousands of likes and as many comments: "Great mom Barbara!" one user compliments, “it's true, no love is the same as that for children” comments another.

As the caption also suggests, nostalgia is felt for the beautiful presenter, who decides to share with her followers one of the few shots of her private life. The D’Urso social profile is in fact very active with stories, selfies and photos taken with friends, work colleagues and personalities from the entertainment world, which women publish almost daily. The last photo that reveals an affectionate background of his private life dates back to the beginning of September, when he used social media to wish his son Emanuele a birthday.

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