Barber shop: the new male beauty trend

Barber shop: the new male beauty trend

Men's beauty trends: beard, hair, muscles and clothing. These seem to be, right now, the main thoughts of the male universe

The beauty trends for man are now on the agenda. Apparently men are developing day by day fashions by beating women in this field too. Space to the hair and to the counter hair. You go from the barber shop to make yourself beautiful, to have a cool cut with a surprising effect. You choose the professional barber, the one who studies the fashions of the moment, traveling between Italy and abroad, so as to learn new cutting and styling techniques.

For man, beauty trends are not long in coming: they are born, they change, they change from season to season. The vain men look at themselves in the mirror and take pleasure. At the Barber Shop they ask for highlights, draws and, absolutely not missing, important anti-hair loss treatments. All that can cure the hair at the root to make it bright and strong is fine.

The shopping reserved for the cremine falls within the field of beauty trends. Products with a lifting effect and serum designed specifically for wrinkles are purchased. And again: you regularly go to the beautician to wax your chest, legs and arms. Obviously you can not in any way forget the eyebrows.

Among the beauty trends of man, the hours spent in the gym are inevitable to firm up, tone up and develop muscle to scream. Recently there are many who follow the American fashion of hipster flower bread. What is it specifically about? Of the desire to bring a beautiful and thick beard covered here and there with many colorful flowers: ranging from daisies to wildflowers, to delicate roses. It is said that men abducted from this trend intend to make a difference. Some even take hours to decorate their beards in an original and fragrant way.

The interesting human beauty trends that highlight an androgynous fashion are also evident. A choice that can be seen both in the particularly romantic accents that embellish the garments, and in the desire to return to the look of medium-long hair worn with a soft style. For lovers, instead, of the classic retro taste, it is worth highlighting a good part of men who rely on the short cut, with smooth hair, pulled with brilliantine and perfect side line.

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