Barra, dedicates love to Santamaria: "Life with you, a caress"

Barra, dedicates love to Santamaria: "Life with you, a caress"

Francesca Barra celebrates a year of marriage with Claudio Santamaria, dedicating a beautiful thought of love to him on Instagram

A year of marriage: a year of love, of struggles, of joys and sorrows. Always together, alongside each other, even in the darkest moments.

This is what Francesca Barra and Claudio Santamaria celebrate today, exactly one year after their wedding.

The journalist wants to publicly celebrate these 365 days lived next to her husband and she does it with a sweet post on her Instagram profile.

The photo dates back to that special day, when Francesca and Claudio swore eternal love. In the wonderful scenery of the Basilicata sea, kissed by the soft light of the sunset, there are them, just become husband and wife, enjoying a moment of intimacy on the boat that took them to the altar.

All around is calm and beauty: even if there was an earthquake, they would not notice it. They are there, head to head, nose to nose, eyes to eyes: completely united and ready to sail for their new married life.

Difficult to find words that are not superfluous to comment on such an intense image. Francesca Barra succeeds, writing her beautiful dedication to her husband:

You are mine: "Sun, wine, wind and trallalà". You are even better than I thought a year ago, life with you, however difficult and sometimes ruthless, is always a very sweet caress. It's been a dream since I married you by the sea, like in the drawings of a happy child. Best wishes, my beautiful life, my beautiful life.

Words that tell the depth of a special relationship, of a reckless and absolute love that, from the beginning, has had to overcome many difficulties, getting stronger and stronger.

It was never a simple story between Francesca and Claudio. They had met as kids in Policoro, her home town. That first encounter had been as fleeting as a summer love between two teenagers can be, but it left a seed inside them that bloomed many years later. When Francesca Barra and Claudio Santamaria meet again, they are already two established professionals in their respective fields: Francesca is married and both are already parents (she of three children, he of a daughter). All this does not prevent their love from blossoming, finally.

Destiny makes them overcome every obstacle and takes them to the great step, first instinctive, hasty in Las Vegas and then meditated, excited and romantic, in the place where they had known each other long ago.

But still the challenges and difficulties were not over. Francesca and Claudio only wanted one more thing to consecrate their love: a son. They searched for and wanted it with all their might, and when Francesca got pregnant, the joy was great.

Destiny, however, wanted to put another obstacle on the bumpy road of this love, and made the couple live the experience of a painful loss, of a broken dream.

Claudio Santamaria also wanted to celebrate the wedding anniversary, and the response to his wife's dedication was very sweet:

You and me, a year ago, united in marriage, so forever and ever.

Today Francesca Barra celebrates that it was however a wonderful year for her because, once again and more and more, husband and wife have faced the difficulties as they have always done, and how (we hope) they will always do: together, hand in hand hand, eye to eye.

Francesca Barra's tender dedication to her husband Claudio Santamaria – Source: Instagram

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