Bathroom products: the mini guide to keep them always in order

Bathroom products: the mini guide to keep them always in order

Find out how to keep bathroom products tidy at all times. The mini guide that will be more useful than you think.

Always keeping your bathroom products tidy is really difficult. In fact, these are items that we usually handle continuously and often in situations where the time available is very little. Whether it’s the morning when you are in a hurry to go out or the evening when you are too tired to think about tidying up your things, the result is always the same: a bathroom that lives in chaos.

bathroom products in order

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How, then, to change things? Sometimes, keeping everything in order is more of an exercise in style and just starting on the right foot to do it without major problems. Here, then, some golden rules that will allow you to have a bathroom always in perfect order. And all without taking more time than usual to manage it.

Bathroom products in order: here’s how

If you too are always struggling with bathroom products that are around between the shower, sink and various furniture, you are in the right place.

bathroom products in order

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Today, in fact, we will show you some simple ones tricks that will change things and that will allow you to enjoy a bathroom that is always tidy and with products at hand even if not around. What matters is to organize yourself immediately to follow what is indicated. The rest will come by itself in a simpler way than you can imagine.

Everything in its place

Let’s start with rule number one of the order. Everything must have its place. Which does not mean that it has to be put back in place but that it has to have one of its own. A place that is precise, dedicated and easy to reach. In this way, you will not take more time with bottles in hand and lost gaze in search of the exact point in which to place them. Knowing already where the right place is, putting them where they belong will be so simple that you don’t even notice.

Boxes like drawers

Do you have furniture with doors that are sometimes difficult to reach? He arranges boxes or baskets inside them and assigns each of these to a specific category of products. Place shampoo and conditioner in one basket, creams in another, and choose just one for combs and brushes. Do the same for all product categories that come to your mind and you will get baskets that you can take when needed, already knowing what they contain. This way, storing what you just used will also be much easier.

Create a corner for the shower

In the shower there should be few things but we know well how haste leads to very different choices. We might as well make the best of a bad situation and place a shelf or a special plastic basket inside it. In this way, sponges, headphones, cleaning products and any razors will have their own predetermined place. What matters is clean everything often taking into account the humidity that is released in the shower compartment. And, of course, if you are used to using the tub, the same method is also applicable there.

Set up a makeup area

Make-up is very important and as such it must have a dedicated corner. You can choose a special chest of drawers or a compartment to always organize according to the box rule. The methods to keep the tricks in order are many and varied. What matters is choose one and put it into action. This way the morning routine will be much more enjoyable to follow.

Hair products always in place

Also for the hair the same rule should be followed. And this applies both to hairdryers, straighteners and various accessories as well as to clothespins, rubber bands and everything else you usually use. By having a dedicated place, putting things back into place after using them will become so automatic that you will be surprised not to think about it before.

Now that you’ve figured out what tricks to put in place to keep your bathroom products tidy, all you have to do is decide how to organize things according to your style. You will find that living in the bathroom has never been so pleasant.

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