Battiti Live, Elisabetta Gregoraci shines on stage with a sparkling look


For the last episode of Battiti Live Elisabetta Gregoraci lights up the stage with a black dress and rhinestones

Last episode for Battiti Live, with an evening dedicated to fun and, of course, music: in the fantastic location of the Aragonese Castle of Otranto, the stage was animated with the notes of the most danced and sung songs of the summer. At the conduct, also for the final appointment, Alan Palmieri and the splendid Elisabetta Gregoraci, the true protagonist of the musical festival.

Also this time the presenter has enchanted with her sparkling look and her verve, conquering the audience. Elisabetta did not miss a beat: after having made her debut with a floral minidress, bewitched everyone with the long in blue, fascinated with the glamorous look and the total white, she attracted all eyes on herself with a perfect dress to end her adventure.

Gregoraci appeared in top form, with a short black dress in front and long in back, rich in elegant tulle flounces, which highlighted her toned and sculpted legs. The bodice, studded with rhinestones, gives a bright touch to the look.

Elisabetta has decided to focus on details: the long and pendant earrings are also sparkling, as are the maxi bracelets and rings worn, while the intense look has been enhanced by black and silver smokey eyes. On the lips instead a more natural make-up, with a gloss in shades of pink. Then the vertiginous heels, which further highlighted his stature, are inevitable.

Together with Alan Palmieri, he presented the highly anticipated guests of the event, who set the stage on fire: Baby K, Irama, Elettra Lamborghini and Giusy Ferreri, Elodie, Francesco Gabbani, Alberto Urso, Gabry Ponte, Anna Tatangelo and many others.

Once again Elisabetta Gregoraci, with her talent and confirming her great professionalism, managed to entertain both the audience present at the show and the viewers at home, managing to convey all the energy and enthusiasm of Battiti Live.

The presenter of the music festival wanted to thank the audience, admitting that she was a little sorry for having reached the last episode of the show:

I'm a bit sad because like all good things, this adventure is over!

After all, Elisabetta is ready for new challenges that await her on TV: in September she will walk through the red door of the Big Brother Vip house, determined to get involved and to make known even her most hidden sides.

Elisaberra Gregoraci

Elisabetta Gregoraci. Source Instagram

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