Be careful how you use the air conditioner: it could cost you dearly

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Using the conditioner can really cost us dearly, both in terms of health and money. Here’s how much it costs to use it for just one hour.

We are in the middle of summer and the heat, especially in the last days, is really unbearable in most of Italy.

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Like this we look for solutions on solutions to be able to find relief and in the end what seems to us more and more useful are the air conditioners.

Yet not everyone knows that these – apparently our friends of the heart – in reality can quickly turn into our enemies, because are harmful to health, especially if used often and for prolonged periods.

In the long run, they can cause serious problems such as bronchitis, bacterial rhinosinusitis, colds, joint and muscle pains.

To overcome this problem we could use it in the form of a dehumidifier, so as to make the heat bearable without damaging our health, or we should in any case set its temperature so that it does not differ too much from the outside one. The difference should be about 5 – 6 degrees, no more.

That said, even from an economic point of view, using the air conditioner could be harmful to our pockets, since their cost is really high. Here’s what it amounts to.

Here’s how much it costs to use the air conditioner for just one hour

How much does it cost us to keep the air conditioner on for just one hour? The answer may surprise you really.

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First of all, however, before answering, we must make some clarifications. First, we have to consider fundamental variables in the calculation, such as the energy class of the air conditioner.

Those of higher class, in fact, they have greater energy efficiency (and therefore absorb less current than those of a lower class) and therefore cool the environment efficiently, however, weighing less on our bill.

Generally speaking, the most performing (and therefore consuming less) are those of class A +++, they have the lowest consumption, while those of class A ++, A +, A, B, C, and D weigh more and more on our pockets.

The first thing to do, therefore, is look at the information contained on the energy label, which is now mandatory in 2013 throughout the European Union.

Here we have to look at the three sectors. The first simply identifies the appliance, shows the manufacturer’s name or trademark and the model name. It also shows the pictogram showing that the appliance is operating in cooling mode.

Sector 2 tells us which energy efficiency class the appliance belongs to. While 3 shows the data on the technical and energy characteristics of the specific model, including the rated power in kW.

We must then take into account the latter, which indicates il consumption of the unit when operating at maximum power. This decreases slowly while the appliance is in operation, since we know that it could switch on and off to keep the temperature constant, or adjust the power absorbed according to the internal temperature.

Having said that, in order to understand how much it costs us to use the air conditioner for an hour, we have to take into account many variables.

In fact, we must also take into account the relationship between energy consumption and cost, which can help us in our calculation.

We can make a practical example to better understand this point. If our air conditioner consumes 1 kWh for 60 minutes of use, to know what the cost of an hour of use is, just understand what the average unit cost of energy is. This varies according to the rate applied.

Typically for contractual powers up to 6 kW, the cost of electricity is around 0.35 euros / kWh. In this case, our air conditioner consumes about 35 cents in an hour. But it does not end there, because to this figure we must add the network services, taxes and VAT, which can lead to an increase in spending of up to 50%. In this case then consumption will also reach 70 cents per hour.

In any case, we know that the Government has also introduced the Air Conditioners Bonus to meet families.

However, we also know that there are many valid alternatives to the air conditioner to fight the heat, so to help ourselves, our health and our bank account, we could adopt other systems.

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