Be careful what you say when you speak with these zodiac signs: they are touchy

Be careful what you say when you speak with these zodiac signs: they are touchy

Woe to question or criticize them: here are the 3 most touchy signs of the zodiac

They are nice and irreverent, of excellent company and have a good heart, that's why you chose them as friends. But pay attention to what you say, because they really know how to be stubborn, especially in the face of criticisms that no, just don't tolerate them. Because they never like to be questioned, and it is useless to point it out to them: they would deny, always and in any case.

But who are we talking about? Simple, of the most touchy signs of the entire zodiac. And you, are you among these? Let's find out together.

In the first place we find the undisputed king of the zodiac, his majesty the Leo. And let's face it, this discovery is not surprising. Those born under this sign have a strong and proud character, apparently narcissistic, but anyone who knows them knows that they have an immense heart and know how to love like few people in the world, but woe to tell them that they have made a mistake. The people of the Leo sign are never wrong, according to them, of course, so it is useless to point it out to them because even if in their hearts they understood they were wrong, they will never admit it. After all, they are the proudest signs of the entire zodiac.

Even the sweetest Pisces suffer criticism, more than you can imagine. Unlike Leo, however, people born under this sign suffer criticism because they are extremely insecure and vulnerable, and this leads them to think that even the slightest consideration of something that has been done or said by them is actually a attack. The solution? Pay attention to the way you expose your ideas: seeing the sad and disconsolate eyes of the fish, for a trifle, would make you sad too.

In this mini classification of the most touchy signs of the zodiac, here is the Scorpion in the last place. We know, you would never have said it, because those born under this sign are great deceivers when it comes to exposing their feelings. They are perhaps among the most touchy signs of the entire zodiac, but they never give the satisfaction of their interlocutor to admit that they were hurt by something said or done. Attention to sudden silences, however, we do not exclude that these are nothing more than the prelude to a small revenge against those who dared to criticize them.

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