Beach essentials: 5 items to wear on the beach

Beach essentials: 5 items to wear on the beach

Few essential items to be comfortable and chic on the beach: here are 5 not to be forgotten

It's sea time! And what are the garments that we just can't forget at home if we have to leave for a vacation, but also for a day trip to the beach? Here is 5, costume aside, never to be missed!

Beach essentials: 5 items to wear on the beach

Sensi Studio bag, Fendi glasses, Verdissima dress, Woolrich hat, Stella McCartney espadrilles, Dior sunscreen

Beach essentials: the straw bag

Very light and roomy, the straw bag is ideal for putting everything you need. It goes well with everything, on everything, there is no problem to match it. If you can choose, get one that has a resealable inner lining, such as Sicilian coffe.

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Beach essentials: sunscreen and some jewels

Especially if you plan to stop on the beach for an aperitif, don't forget to wear some very light jewelry, but it will make you shine! I would avoid straps and would rather opt for rigid metal bracelets, which you can also take off, and XXL earrings to wear at sunset!

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Beach essentials: hat and glasses

Beyond the fact that they serve to protect themselves from the sun, they are super glamorous! A pair of glasses, perhaps with polarizing lenses, will help your eyes get tired less with the glare of light. As for the hat, choose it in straw, in panama or Borsalino style, or with a wide brim, like a real diva!

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Beach essentials: the very light dress

To go to get an ice cream, to jump on the beach, to take a walk in the village after a sunny day: a very light dress will be comfortable even when you return from the sea. It won't make you sweat and you can wear it even after sunset for an aperitif facing the sea!

Verdissima source

Beach essentials: comfortable shoes not only for the beach

Not only flip flops, but also canvas and raffia espadrilles: to wear on the beach, but also on the street, if you decide to go for a walk in the village or simply to feel more "dressed" than when you wear simple flip flops.

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