Beatrice Valli, criticisms after the birth: "You have to please yourself first"

Beatrice Valli, criticisms after the birth: "You have to please yourself first"

After receiving numerous criticisms for her physique, Beatrice Valli spoke on Instagram

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Beatrice Valli also ended up in the sights of the haters, finding herself dealing with horrible comments on her fitness published under her Instagram photos. In response, the influencer has decided to let off steam in a video with which he also launches a beautiful message against body shaming.

Social hatred also affected Beatrice Valli, who however did not let herself be beaten down: answering the rhymes among her Instagram stories, she gave us a wonderful lesson. Body shaming is a plague that has long plagued Instagram (and not only!) And, sometimes, it can cause really dangerous consequences. For this reason, we cannot but be pleasantly impressed by the stars who, more or less covertly, express themselves on the topic by inviting their followers to appreciate the beauty that is in each of us.

One of the last was Aurora Ramazzotti, who showed herself on social networks without filters and without make-up, sparking a wave of appreciation from her fans. The message of Beatrice Valli, who in recent days has been heavily insulted for some of her photos in which there are still rounded shapes following the pregnancy, stands in the same wake. The influencer is not there, and among his stories he has responded perfectly to the many criticisms received.

“People have no respect for the moment and for people. There are people who perhaps do not understand what it means to give birth to a child, or rather three in this case: the woman's body undergoes a great change and being told these things is not very respectful and nice not only towards me, but in those of any woman, especially after childbirth "- Valli explained to her followers. It's been a very few months since her little Azzurra arrived, and it's perfectly normal that her physique hasn't settled down yet – especially since, with three kids, her priority is certainly not the gym.

In fact, Beatrice added: “I am recovering in a very calm and serene way, I am enjoying this moment without a specific diet and without having to split sports. But with breastfeeding and everything is normal for a woman to take a little longer to lose weight and get back in shape. " And she did not miss the opportunity to send an important message: "Especially to very young girls I want to say that I am always themselves, not to change for others or to be changed to please others. You have to like yourself first, this is the important thing, especially in such a delicate moment ".

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