Beautiful and healthy skin? Try the helichrysum essential oil

Beautiful and healthy skin? Try the helichrysum essential oil

A precious essential oil is extracted from the beautiful yellow flowers of the helichrysum, useful in case of skin, joint and respiratory problems.

Mint essential oil, for concentration and more

Those suffering from dermatitis and skin problems have a natural ally: helichrysum essential oil, with strong anti-inflammatory and other properties.

Stop dermatitis
Do you have skin marked by spots, scars and thickenings? Helichrysum essential oil is for you, but also for those suffering from dermatitis, eczema, erythema, itching, burning and psoriasis. It is also able to make hair brighter. Dilute 15 drops of this oil in a massage oil and apply the mixture on the affected areas to soothe skin problems. This ointment is also useful in case of rheumatism. If you plan to expose yourself to the sun, adding a few drops of helichrysum oil to the sunscreen counteracts the action of free radicals.

Healthy gums
Are your gums inflamed and bleeding? Prepare a decoction with hot water and mallow or sage, let the infusion cool, add a few drops of helichrysum essential oil and then rinse with this natural mouthwash.

A help to breathe better
Among the areas in which helichrysum essential oil proves to be an effective natural remedy is that of respiratory diseases: if you suffer from cough, phlegm, inflammation and allergies affecting the respiratory system. Put 5 drops of this oil in the home essence burner to inhale the aroma. Alternatively, add 10/15 drops to the hot water in the bathtub and then immerse yourself in a relaxing, soothing and pain-relieving bath.

Get rid of the toxins
Helichrysum essential oil has a great detoxifying power, especially as regards liver and kidneys. Add a couple of drops to a purifying herbal tea with artichoke, dandelion or burdock and sip it, you will increase its effectiveness. By stimulating diuresis and purification this herbal tea proves useful even if you were on a diet to lose weight.

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