Beauty blender, how to use it? Its "thousand" uses and how to store it

mano con smalto colorato spugnette trucco cipria e fondotinta su sfondo azzurro

Not just for applying foundation: the beaty blender is the all-round makeup tool: blush, contouring and powders, just pay attention to how you store it

The beauty blender and make-up sponges are now an essential tool for creating flawless face bases and applying foundation. But not only that, they are in fact useful in many makeup steps and are also very versatile for the application of other products, in powder or cream.


  • How is the beauty blender used?
  • Dry or wet, how best to use the beauty blender?
  • The thousand uses of the beauty blender, not just to apply the foundation
  • How is the beauty blender stored? How often should it be washed? When should it be replaced?

How is the beauty blender used?

The beauty blender is not used like the triangular make-up sponges, because to melt and mix the products in the best way it is necessary to tap it on the face. The pressure of the sponge with the skin will ensure that the pigments and the formula are fixed on it, not letting you see the texture of the product on the surface. It is always better to start from the center of the face by applying the greatest amount of foundation and then moving outwards with what remains.

For the drafting of the foundation, for example, you can decide to apply a small amount on the hand or on a support, such as a palette. In this way it will be easier to take the necessary product from time to time with the sponge, in order to dose it in the right quantity for each area of ​​the face. Alternatively, you can apply a few drops of the product all over the face and then proceed to tap the beauty blender to blend it and, if necessary, add it where you need greater coverage.

Dry or wet, how best to use the beauty blender?

There are various currents of thought for the dry or wet use of the beauty blender. Most people use it wet but there are those who prefer to use it dry instead. The substantial difference depends on the type of face base you want to make. If you are looking for maximum coverage and an extremely smooth effect, it is better to use it dry. In this way the foundation will remain more on the surface and will blend less with the skin, giving a porcelain skin effect.

Dry use is then perfect for applying powders by tapping them, perhaps to dry areas such as the eye contour or the T zone well. But not only that, for example, if you use compact products and want to increase their coverage, you can pick them up with a dry sponge and only after sprinkle it with thermal water to moisten the product, so as not to ruin the pod, for example of your favorite compact foundation.

hand with colored nail polish powder makeup sponges and foundation on light blue background

The most classic use, however, remains the wet one, because it makes the face base more uniform and natural, making the most moisturizing components of the products penetrate the skin and making sure that, once the aqueous component has dried, the pigment is well homogeneous. with the skin. You will notice how dry or wet use of the beauty blender also changes its size: when dry it is quite small, when wet it doubles its volume. But be careful, it is right to wet the beauty blender but remember, before using it, to squeeze it well. In fact, it must not drip water but be moistened.

The thousand uses of the beauty blender, not just to apply the foundation

The beauty blender is the most used tool to apply foundation but, in reality, it is suitable for applying any product, especially in cream. In fact, it is not recommended to use it only with extremely liquid products, because they would be almost completely absorbed by the sponge, thus creating a waste of product. For all cream products, however, it is effective for creating perfect and imperceptible shades. For example, try applying the cream blush by tapping it with a beauty blender, for a natural effect, as if it were the blush given by the sun or a moment of embarrassment.

They are also excellent for contouring if you love an imperceptible effect: powders are more noticeable than creams because they remain more on the surface, but creams are not always easy to blend. The beauty blender allows you to dose the product well and above all not to create accumulations and too dark spots, also because you can easily correct a wrong application with a little foundation or concealer, before proceeding to fix the face base with powders. .

The beauty blender is then perfect to remedy small mistakes in the makeup phase: if you have applied too much cream or ground blush, just tap with the part with which you applied the foundation to dilute the color. It is also ideal for not creating a gap between concealer and foundation, for example in the eye contour area or to make the face base made with the brush more natural, to remove any streaks or lighten it, absorbing excess product.

How is the beauty blender stored? How often should it be washed? When should it be replaced?

There are small precautions to follow to make your beauty blender last as long as possible. First of all, hygiene is important, because just like make-up brushes, it could become a receptacle for bacteria, germs and dirt. It should be washed after each use to ensure that dead cells, bacteria from areas where there are pimples or small wounds and residues of dry product are not accumulated every time you use the sponge.

Also because washing it when it is lightly soiled is a very fast procedure, washing it with large quantities of oxidized and dry foundation is a "dirty job", in every sense. If you really can't wash it after using it, try to clean it before using it again. Wet the sponge by passing it under water, then choose a specific detergent or a neutral soap. In this way, rubbing on a solid soap already part of the product will come off. Continue to massage it gently, pressing especially on the tip, the most used part and where most of the product accumulates.

Rinse and repeat the operation until it is perfectly clean, it must return to its original color. The water must not be too cold but not too hot to avoid damaging the material. Instead, avoid liquid soaps, which are more difficult to rinse off. Squeeze it one last time and reuse it, but if you don't need it right away, pay attention to how you store it. Being wet, it must air dry to prevent mold from forming or taking a bad damp smell.

Do not put the wet beauty blender in the beauty but place it on a surface and remember to turn it over to let it dry on all sides. There are special containers but the plastic packaging in which it is usually sold or, directly from the kitchen, an egg holder will also be fine. Finally, remember to replace it every 3-4 months at the latest.

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