Beauty care: slap wrinkles away

Get your face slapped to the rhythm of Thai pop music to look younger? There are those who do it … and at a high price

Who wants to look beautiful, has to suffer a little? According to this Thai beauty expert there is no doubt and she took this proverb literally.

In fact, to make his customers more charming, he uses an unorthodox method. It is an ancient Thai art that should slap and tone the muscles through slapping on the face.

For 30,000 baht, around $ 930, customers can face four sessions of slapping in the face. All this to the rhythm of Thai pop music. Kung Khemika, this is the name of the beautician, explains that he has learned the ancient art of slapping from his grandmother and claims that customers can see immediate results already after the first treatment.

This ancient Thai tradition has also arrived in the western world, in a beauty salon open in San Francisco. Twenty minutes of session of slaps and pinches artfully given, at the "modest" sum of 350 dollars, about 270 euros against skin aging and wrinkles. Tata, "face slapping" specialist of this unique anti-aging treatment, originally from Bangkok and trained in the art of anti-wrinkle slapping by Kung Khemika, recognized "teacher" of the technique that he still practices in his shop, manages it.

Tata uses slaps and pinches instead of botox to firm the skin and iron wrinkles. "I am proud to be the first expert to bring anti-wrinkle slap therapy to the western hemisphere," says Tata. "It is a non-invasive, effective and safe treatment." The price list of the salon that opened in the heart of San Francisco offers 20-minute sessions for $ 350 and a special 4-session package for $ 1,000.

Each complete treatment "explains Tata" Brings out the inner beauty of customers, firms the skin and erases wrinkles for at least a year ".

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