Beauty: spring tips

Beauty: spring tips

With the arrival of summer the winter products can no longer meet your needs: here are some tips for a smooth season change

New season, new beauty routine. With the arrival of spring it is possible that some of the products you used during the winter do not give the desired results: the foundation may be too heavy on the skin, the scent of your favorite fragrance seems altered by the heat and leaves you feeling unpleasant. So here are some tips and tricks to put in place to better face the summer.

Spring tips: bright hair

Having healthy and shiny hair gives a younger and more refined appearance. Introduce some delicate shampoos, leave-in balms and skin scrubs into your hair's beauty routine. And for a beach effect you can try using spray beach waves. Don't underestimate spring pampering: a DIY mask is what it takes to awaken them from winter slumber.

Spring tips: take care of your skin

Choose a face and body cream that is not too heavy: it must moisturize but penetrate quickly, otherwise the sticky sensation may annoy you. The foundation in spring must be a light product and with the heat maintain its hold. Choose the color and type carefully. Alternatively you can bet on a BB cream with sunscreen to even out the face and show off a healthy and radiant appearance.

Spring tips: focus on bright make-up

Shine on! The summer has arrived and it's time to focus on a light and bright look. The products that cannot be missing in your beauty are certainly a nice pink blush and an illuminant. If you like to follow seasonal trends know that blue is one of the most seen colors on the runways.

Spring tips: perfect pedicure

Finally you can take out the sandals from the wardrobe: prepared with a nice pedicure. Take care of your heel with a scrub to remove dead cells, clean cuticles and file your nails to show the perfect shape. Finish everything with a coat of nail polish and, please, don't forget to moisturize your feet every evening.

Spring tips: choose a new perfume

Be inspired by spring to choose the perfect perfume for this season. Concentrate on light and fruity fragrances and citrusy waters, and choose it according to your look.

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