Beauty tip: is it really a good idea to wash with cold water?

Beauty tip: is it really a good idea to wash with cold water?

The cold shower scares the coldest while others swear by it. But what are its real benefits? Does it really act as a beauty “boost”? Response from our expert dermatologist.

If, as a child, there was no question of slipping under the jet of icy water, once an adult, the question arises (again). Take an ice-cold shower; is it really beneficial? While many claim that cold water smoothes the skin and tightens facial pores, we asked Dr Marie Jourdan, dermatologist, to find out for sure.

The cold drains and stimulates

Rinsing with ice water is not easy. However, we would be wrong to deprive ourselves of it: the benefits of a cold shower are multiple, as Dr Jourdan likes to point out.

Cold has two advantages: that of stimulating the dynamism of the veins and lymphatic channels but also of draining the venous and lymphatic system. Cold water improves the feeling of heavy legs, which can be very useful in the evening.“, note l’experte.

Second advantage of this invigorating jet of icy water: it stimulates “the immune system” and thus makes us more resistant to infections. Cold showers are in fact associated with an increase in the production of white blood cells.

On the side of the face, “cold water acts like a massage and will “smooth” the skin. Thanks to its astringent properties, this morning boost will also tighten pores and drain bags under the eyes.“, reveals Dr Jourdan.

Be careful, however, not to take these effects for granted.they are extremely transient“, she notes.

Sprinkling your body or face with cold water should therefore be done every day, if you want to benefit from all these benefits.

Don’t go overboard

Although the frozen shower technique is beneficial, be careful not to overdo it: cold showers should be avoided if you have a heart condition.

Then, from the fall, “it is no longer necessary to wash twice a day. Once is enough to preserve its hydrolipidic film“, concludes the expert.