Because Anna Pettinelli of Amici is famous

Perché è famosa Anna Pettinelli di Amici

Radio and television, Anna Pettinelli started working very early building a career full of different professional experiences

A career in the world of radio that began at a very young age and then television, cinema and even a book: Anna Pettinelli was born in Livorno on January 28, 1957. A voice and a face, very well known because in the long years of her career she participated to tons of successful TV shows. Last in order of time Amici, where she joined in 2019 as a singing teacher, and the spin – off Amici special.

But his career began much earlier and to be precise at 16 in some local radio stations in Tuscany. And in the radio he continues to work throughout his long career: for years he has been in RDS, where it airs every day from 9 to 12.

On television he took part in numerous successful shows: just think that he worked on the conduction of six editions of Discoring, a musical broadcast broadcast on Rete Uno, from 1982 to 1987, he is then one of the co – hosts of two editions of the Festival di Sanremo: that of 1983 and that of 1986. And, again to remain in the musical field, in 1984 and 1985 he also conducted Un disco perestate.

In 2000 – 2001 she hosted the talk show dedicated to women on Telemontecarlo Sex, women speak. And then the role of commentator he has covered in various broadcasts: the fourth edition of the reality show La Fattoria conducted by Paola Perego, Afternoon 5 by Barbara D’Urso and – in 2019 – Come to me conducted by Caterina Balivo. In 2014, however, he is a judge and teacher at RDS Academy, a talent dedicated to young people who want to become a speaker.

Anna Pettinelli also takes part in the reality Temptation Island in the VIP version in 2019 together with her partner Stefano Macchi.
A sparkling career, in which the roles in the films Sapore di mare 2 – a year later in 1983 and Forever Young in 2016 cannot be mentioned. Brave and brilliant Anna Pettinelli over the years has made herself known by the general public and has shown that she use his artistic talent in many different fields. It should not be forgotten that she is also co – author with David De Filippi of the humorous book Theories and techniques of amorous infamy. Carolina Russi's mother, competitor of the second edition of The Voice and born from a previous relationship, is linked to actor Stefano Macchi since 2014 and, as well as on radio and television, you can follow her on the Instagram profile where she has over 192 thousand followers . Anna Pettinelli, right from there in a shot with Arisa, says she is ready for the 20th edition of Amici.

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