Because Anna Pettinelli of Temptation Island Vip 2019 is famous

Because Anna Pettinelli of Temptation Island Vip 2019 is famous

Anna Pettinelli arrived at Temptation Island with her partner Stefano: what we know about her

Anna Pettinelli is certainly one of the competitors of the edition of Temptation Island Vip 2019 that is doing more discussion, due to its shaky sentimental story. But who is this effervescent pink-haired woman really?

Born on January 28th 1957 in Livorno, Anna Pettinelli is first of all known for being one of the leading speakers of RDS. Her morning program, paired with Sergio Friscia, is broadcast from Monday to Saturday, from 9 to 12 and has earned her a Golden Microphone.

The radio has always been the main vocation of Pettinelli, which has taken its first steps in the sector already at just 16 years, successfully proposing its clear and versatile voice to different local realities. Talent and apprenticeship led her to conduct Discoring, a musical transmission by Rai Uno by Gianni Boncompagni for six years.

Appreciated for his ironic and pungent attitude, but also for his analytical skills, in 2009 he started his second job: that of columnist. Starting from the reality show, La Fattoria then moved to several TV salons, until it became a regular presence in the program of Rai Uno Come from me by Caterina Balivo and frequent guest at Pomeriggio 5 with Barbara D’Urso.

In 2019 he decided to participate with his companion, Stefano Macchi, younger than her by almost twenty years, in Temptation Island Vip. The intention, declared, was to show that in spite of the age difference everything is possible. However, this participation is causing her many tribulations.

The first trouble arose even before the program began: the people of Instagram challenged them for violating the rule that prevents married couples from participating, as the speaker actually married Macchi, albeit in the Maldives.

The other troubles are due, instead, to the presence of the temptress Cecilia Zagarrigo, who seems to have established a relationship even too complicit with Macchi. This closeness of unexpected attention and pampering led Pettinelli to cry desperately, disappointed by the man she always said she trusted blindly.

Will the couple be able to overcome this moment of temptation, perhaps based on the principles of Theories and techniques of infamy, a humorous book written by Pettinelli? We'll see.

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