Because Beppe Braida is famous, shipwrecked on the island of 2021

Perché è famoso Beppe Braida, naufrago all’Isola 2021

Beppe Braida, famous comedian of "Zelig", has also had a long career as a TV presenter

From the success in Zelig to the guide of some programs that have met with great consensus among the public: Beppe Braida has a brilliant career as a comedian and TV host behind him, although in recent years he has not often been talked about. And now it arrives on the Island of the Famous 2021, for a new surprising adventure.

Born in 1963, Giuseppe Braida – always known by his nickname “Beppe” – was born and raised in Turin, where he took his first steps as a stand-up comedian. In the 90s he made himself known together with his group, the Bagatto, participating in the second edition of the Sanscemo Festival, a singing festival dedicated to demented rock which at that time was held in the Piedmontese capital. After a small role in the film Nirvana, directed by Gabriele Salvatores, the comedian found his way into television.

His first approaches to the world of entertainment date back to 2000, when Beppe Braida took part in Seven Show, a variety that launched many artists of the caliber of Gabriele Cirilli, Max Giusti and Leonardo Manera. Later, success: as a stand-up comedian, he was one of the most beloved protagonists of numerous editions of Zelig, where he brought his parody of television news hosts. From here, the step towards management was quite rapid. In 2007, Braida joined Rossella Brescia and Giovanni Cacioppo at the helm of Colorado Revolution, simultaneously participating in an edition of Buona Domenica together with Paola Perego.

After a brief visit to Rai, where he conducted Tutti pazzi per la tele alongside Antonella Clerici, the comedian returned to Mediaset with a new variety of entertainment, entitled Saturday Night Live from Milan. Finally, one of his latest hits is the show Point on you !, in which he wore the role of correspondent. Then, for some years Beppe Braida stayed away from television. At least, until his return in a big way was announced, in the cast of the Island of the Famous 2021: apparently, the artist has decided to get involved in one of the toughest reality shows of all time.

While we have a lot of information about his career, the same cannot be said about his private life. Braida has always been very reserved, and it seems that today the comedian is single. He therefore left for Honduras with a free heart, without stable ties that would keep him in his city.

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