Because Daniela Martani is famous, shipwrecked on the island of 2021

Perché è famosa Daniela Martani, naufraga all’Isola 2021

After Big Brother, Daniela Martani tries again with a new reality show: she is in fact in the cast of the Isola dei Famosi 2021

Daniela Martani is now a real television personality: she made herself known to Big Brother, and then landed in various lounges. Not to mention the criticism received on social networks due to his statements and behavior that is sometimes a little too over the top. Now he has decided to participate in the Island of the Famous 2021, causing some bitter controversy.

Born in 1973, Daniela Martani was born and raised in Rome in a fairly large family: in addition to her parents, she has a brother and a sister. From what she has revealed herself in several interviews, she has never had a good relationship with her father, so much so that she has described him as anaffective. Since she was a child, she has always had a great love for music and theater. After school she decided to deepen these passions by attending singing and acting courses. However, to support himself he had to find a job.

Martani has long been an Alitalia hostess, while at the same time managing to make some television appearances alongside big names in the show such as Piero Chiambretti. In 2009 she was chosen to participate in Big Brother – at the time led by Alessia Marcuzzi. If during the ninth edition of the reality show she did not shine as a protagonist, certainly what happened afterwards saw Daniela talk a lot about herself. The young competitor in fact had to leave the program in order not to lose her job as a flight attendant, later becoming one of the best-known faces of the protest against the national airline (which ultimately cost her her job).

After the experience at GF9, Martani began to participate in numerous television lounges, getting noticed above all by Barbara D’Urso. A few years later we found her on the radio, ready to take off with her new career as a DJ: for a while she worked at Radio Kiss Kiss, from which she was fired in 2020, following some of her statements that caused a sensation . Daniela, denying the existence of Covid, had in fact refused to wear a mask during a ferry trip.

In 2021, however, she seems to have come down to milder advice and decided to participate in the Island of the Famous, declaring herself ready to take swabs and possibly the vaccine to be able to leave for Honduras. As for her private life, Daniela Martani seems to be single today. Vegan, animal rights activist and ready to carry on her beliefs without any fear of criticism, on the island she will undoubtedly be one of the most talked about protagonists.

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