Because everyone is talking about Melissa Satta and Stefano De Martino

Stefano De Martino

Melissa Satta and Stefano De Martino ended up in the center of gossip due to an alleged meeting

From Belen-Stefano to Satta-Boateng: the couples that broke out in 2020 (and new loves)

Why is everyone talking about Melissa Satta and Stefano De Martino? The former tissue of Striscia la Notizia and the presenter ended up, once again, at the center of gossip. The indiscretion was launched by Alberto Dandolo in the pages of Oggi, in which there is talk of an alleged rapprochement between the two. Both the showgirl and the presenter of Made In Sud have always defended their privacy and private life, rejecting numerous gossip.

Stefano De Martino has definitively archived the love story with Belen Rodriguez, with whom he had his son Santiago. The former Amici dancer, single for some time now, after leaving the showgirl moved to a new apartment, ready to focus only on work. "I am happily single, I learned to be alone and it will be my biggest prison – he told the weekly Chi some time ago -. When you understand that the person you are better with is you, it is a problem, because you seek others precisely in order not to reflect and pour out the task of doing so on them. On the other hand, when you learn to listen to yourself, it is difficult to get someone into your comfort zone ”. Meanwhile, Belen has announced that she is pregnant: the Argentine model is expecting a baby girl with her partner Antonino Spinalbese.

Melissa Satta has also recently closed an important love story. The model ended her marriage to Kevin Prince Boateng, a footballer married in 2016 with whom she had their son Maddox. Guest of Verissimo a few weeks ago, the former tissue to Silvia Toffanin had explained: "It was the most important story of my life, a wonderful love relationship with difficulties and changes. I am so happy for everything I have done with him and I will thank him forever. These things happen, we both took our blame and responsibility. There will always be a bond and our son Maddox will unite us forever ”.

According to the rumors spread by Dandolo, Melissa and Stefano met in Naples, his birthplace. Certainly it is not the first time that the two end up in the center of gossip for alleged flirtations that in the past they had already been forced to deny.

To silence any gossip in the bud, however, the showgirl finally thought of it, who through her Instagram profile made it known that she was ready to proceed through legal channels. De Martino instead preferred to ignore the gossip. After Satta's move, will he decide to break the silence too?

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