Because Gal Gadot is famous

Perché è famosa Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot is the stunning Israeli actress and model who played Wonder Woman and will soon play Cleopatra

Physical of an Amazon and great talent, Gal Gadot is one of the most popular actresses of the moment. After playing Wonder Woman in 2017, becoming a DC comic heroine, she will lend her face to Cleopatra. Born in 1985, she was born in Petah Tikva, Israel, her name means "wave", while her surname means "shore". From an early age she showed a great propensity for sport. For years he practiced volleyball, basketball and tennis at a competitive level, but above all karate, becoming a third dan black belt.

In 2004, at just nineteen, she won the title of Miss Israel. She later flew to Ecuador to participate in Miss Universe. Back at home, Gal Gadot served as a soldier in the Israeli Defense Forces for two years, becoming a combat instructor. In the meantime she also cultivated a modeling career and in 2007 she participated in Women of the Israeli army, a photo shoot made by Maxim. Gal's photos have been a huge success: her image was used for the cover of the New York Post and in 2013 Gadot became one of the highest paid Israeli models in the world.

But she has never abandoned the desire to build another career in addition to that in fashion. She enrolled in law school and began studying acting. After starring in the TV series Bubot, he landed a role in Fast & Furious – Original Parts Only. He later starred in numerous successful films, from Crazy Night in Manhattan to Innocenti bugie, up to Entourage and The Beautiful Life. In 2013, Gal Gadot landed the role of Wonder Woman which marked a turning point in her career. He also starred in Justice League, Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, Criminal, Spies Next Door and Murder on the Nile.

Her next project will be Cleopatra's, as she announced herself on Twitter: “With Patty Jenkins and screenwriter Laeta Kalogridis we will bring the story of Cleopatra to the big screen in a way it has never been portrayed before. I like to take on new journeys. I love the excitement of new projects, the thrill of giving life to new stories. Telling her story for the first time through the eyes of a woman both in front of and behind the camera: Cleopatra is a film I've wanted to make for a long time ”.

The news sparked heated controversy and journalist Sameera Khan wrote: “Who ever in Hollywood thought it would be a good idea to choose an Israeli like Cleopatra when there is a fantastic Arab actress like Nadine Njeim? Shame on Gal Gadot: your country steals land from the Arabs and you steal our roles in the cinema… ”. The screenwriter Laeta Kalogridis however clarified: "Cleopatra was the most famous Greek-Macedonian woman in history".

Despite being an international diva, Gal Gadot is very reserved and little is known about her private life. Thanks to his passion for motorcycling, he met Yaron Versano, an Israeli entrepreneur married in 2008. The couple had two daughters, the first in 2011 and the second in 2017, whom he has always protected from the spotlight and gossip.

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