Because Ilaria Rossi of the Paradise of the Ladies is famous

Because Ilaria Rossi of the Paradise of the Ladies is famous

The interpreter of Gabriella Rossi does not share with her only the surname, but also the decisive character: here is who Ilaria Rossi is

Young, beautiful and determined: Ilaria Rossi is one of the Venus, the four absolute protagonists of the successful soap opera Paradise of the Ladies and her interpretation has certainly bewitched the hearts of the general public.

Curiosities about her begin with the character she plays: Gabriella Rossi. With her, Ilaria not only shares the surname, but also the enterprising and decisive character that led her to pursue her dreams and to aim higher and higher.

Born in 1993, the actress was born and raised in Florence. Sportive to the core, she developed an unrestrained passion for Fiorentina and for a few years played soccer, first as a goalkeeper and then becoming a midfielder and striker. However, despite his love for the ball, he had a dream: to be an actress.

Thus, like her Gabriella pursued the dream of fashion, leaving her country of origin to land in the shop for ladies of Milan, Ilaria despite the strong bond with her city and Tuscany, she decided to leave her home at end of high school. At only 18, she moved to Rome, where she attended the Link Academy Acting Academy, directed by Alessandro Preziosi.

Studies and talent have led her to participate in the fiction The Beautiful of Women and Everything Can Happen, as well as interpreting the Lady with the Ermine in the docu-fiction Life of Leonardo Da Vinci. Not everyone knows, moreover, that Ilaria also had something to do with George Clooney: in fact, he won a small part in the series directed by the American actor, Catch 22.

Over the years she has also managed to graduate in Disciplines of the Arts, Music and Performing Arts and has refined her skills in dance (she is passionate about hip hop, house dance and modern jazz), and in singing.

The Paradise of the Ladies is definitely the experience that consecrated her and gave her greater fame. To join the cast, Rossi had to work hard: she supported three auditions, which at the beginning were used to take the part of another protagonist. Only at the last and thanks to the transformation from brunette into blonde (which took place after hearing that she needed a golden-haired actress) did she succeed in winning the role of Gabriella.

Role that, as already mentioned, fits perfectly. There is only one substantial difference between Ilaria Rossi and her character: the actress does not think about getting married or pursuing love. On the contrary, she is definitely focused on her career. For this reason it also enters the theatrical stages and has decided to be part of a non-profit association that brings some shows to psychiatric hospitals.

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