Because it is famous Damiano Coccia of Temptation Island Vip 2019

Because it is famous Damiano Coccia of Temptation Island Vip 2019

Everything we know about Er Faina, the real revelation of reality

Damiano Coccia, known as Er Faina, is undoubtedly one of the revelations of this edition of Temptation Island Vip. But what do we really know about him?

Born in Rome in 1988, Damiano is a real web star. Some time ago, in fact, it succeeded in gaining the affection of the followers by publishing on its YouTube channel a harsh outlet against the former girlfriend. From that moment on, his profile began to gain more and more views, thanks also to the constant publication of videos in which Er Faina commented in an ironic and pungent way on the life of political, sports and entertainment personalities. With a look that only the Romans possess, he managed to depopulate on the Net in no time, so much so as to boast an Instagram profile with almost 900,000 followers.

"My worst vice is to tell the truth," says Damiano Coccia on social media. On the other hand, as demonstrated in the first episode of Temptation Island Vip, the Roman has no hair on his tongue at all. And if, on the one hand, this has assured him a considerable success, on the other he has certainly made him uncomfortable and detested, especially by the very characters he attacks hard. It is certainly no coincidence that, just before the reality show, YouTuber had not a few bickering with Tina Cipollari and Francesco Chiofalo, who hurled themselves at him for choosing to take part in one of those television programs that he same critic for some time.

But beyond his career as a Web star, we know very little about him. The only known detail is related to his nickname, "Er Faina", which seems to have been given to him by the priest of the parish where he used to play football when he was a child. Smart, smart and opportunistic enough, Damiano always chose to be the goalkeeper on the strongest team. Just like a weasel, which stands out for its cunning.

Coccia seems to have kept almost everything from his childhood: the nickname, the passion for football (which made him a Lazio fan) and the cunning, which allowed him to transform himself from "monnezzaro" to YouTuber by thousands of followers. And to be honest, even that tenderness that is a bit typical of grumpy men like him. Of course, the reaction we have seen towards the behavior of girlfriend Sharon Macrì is perhaps exaggerated, but hides the love of a man who has already suffered from being betrayed. But who is really Er Faina? What we know as a "web hater" or the 31-year-old who cries for his partner?

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