Because it is famous Vanessa Gravina of the Paradise of the Ladies

Because it is famous Vanessa Gravina of the Paradise of the Ladies

A talented and versatile actress, Vanessa Gravina returns to TV as the protagonist of the Paradise of the Ladies

Theater and television are part of his life, but Vanessa Gravina's debut took place at the cinema alongside one of the most important names in Italian comedy.

On the other hand, she has come a long way since, at just 3 months, she was chosen to advertise a well-known brand of diapers. In the following years, much has been done to get to where it is now.

Today Vanessa is back on TV, interpreting Adelaide di Sant’Erasmo in the much-followed soap opera Paradiso delle Signore: a real dark lady, defined as such by Lorella Cuccarini.

Class of 1974, born under the sign of Capricorn, the Gravina in swaddling clothes was literally catapulted into the world of entertainment.

Moreover, when destiny chooses the road, all that remains is to follow it and do its best to excel, and this is certainly the case with Vanessa.

Born and raised in Milan, at the age of 7 she took part in a radio program and, a few years later, was chosen by Marco Risi for the starring role in Colpi di fulmine, alongside Jerry Calà.

This job marked the beginning of her career for the woman, collecting success after another in some of the most successful films on Italian television such as Abbronzatissimi 2 and L'Uomo Privato.
In the 2000s she was also the protagonist of two very famous soap operas: Incantesimo and CentroVetrine.

Despite the great public success, the Milanese actress has managed over the years to keep her life private, without ever falling into tabloid gossip. Vanessa was engaged for 10 years with actor Edoardo Siravo, almost 20 years older than her.

In 2010, however, he meets a man who upsets life: he is Domenico Pimpinella, general manager of the Enpam foundation, with whom the actress is married in 2015.

Today Vanessa Gravina is back on the small screen with a complicated but extremely fascinating role interpreting the bad of the situation in the fiction Il Paradiso delle Signore.

To the Live Life, the Milanese actress described her character like this: "I see her as a very determined woman who reacts to something she didn't have".

To fully enter the role of Adelaide of Sant’Erasmo, Gravina admitted that she was inspired by characters like Crudelia Demon and confesses that the TV series inspired by Emile Zola's novel will give us lots of twists.

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